Introducing Gum Pinkening, a procedure that can treat racial, ethnic, and multifocal pigmentation in the gums.

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Introducing Gum Pinkening: The Procedure That Can Address Racial Pigmentation, Ethnic Pigmentation, and Multifocal Pigmentation in Gums


Even if you take great care of your teeth and gums, you may still be struggling with pesky racial pigmentation, ethnic pigmentation, or multifocal pigmentation in your gums. What’s worse, it’s often hard to hide these colorations because they don’t stay within the natural gum line like white spots do. If you have this cosmetic issue, then you are in luck! At Britegums, we offer an innovative cosmetic procedure that addresses racial pigmentation, ethnic pigmentation, and multifocal pigmentation in gums with no downtime and immediate results.

What is gum pinkening?

Since pink teeth is a symbol of good health and status, many people are interest in ways to brighten their smile. Gum pinkening is one such treatment that can help address several issues, from ethnic pigmentation on the gums to pale gums from arsenic or bismuth exposure. In the past, people with these conditions had to maintain healthy teeth while living with an unattractive smile. At Britegums we call it gum pinkening because our lead dentist develop this innovative procedure.

How does gum pinkening work?

Dr. Joel Martin is the lead dentist that develop gum pinkening at Britegums. In 2008 he saw a patient with bismuth exposure, which cause arsenic to be release into their system. They had bright pink gums and Dr. Martin was concern about the cancer risks associate with such high levels of exposure to arsenic. He design an alternative gum pinkening procedure that combines laser technology with topical application of hydrogen peroxide that results in similar pigmentation changes to lead-base gum treatments without any arsenic-relate risk or adverse effects on oral health like sensitive teeth or recession.

Why would I need gum pinkening?

Loss of tooth enamel may be cause by gum infection or lead exposure from contaminate opium. It is essential that you keep your gums healthy to maintain optimal oral health. At Britegums, we offer a quick treatment call Gum Pinkening that can erase the unpleasant pigmentation. By applying a highly effective cosmetic treatment to help lift gum tissue color and return it to normal radiance, we can address the root cause of these two common issues .

Who can benefit from gum pinkening?

There are many people who can benefit from gum pinkenning. Those with chronic mouth inflammation are one of the main groups that can improve their quality of life. Patients with dark discoloration around their teeth or gum line may also experience more self-confidence if they undergo this treatment. So as a dental professional, it is important to know how to treat gum disease which will often include the use of pinkening procedures if need.

What are the results of gum pinkening?

Gum pinkening at Britegums can be an effective cosmetic procedure for addressing racial pigmentation or any other type of pigmentation. This is a non-invasive and safe procedure that works well for all skin types. At the conclusion of the treatment your gums will appear visibly pinker. In addition to gum pinkening, patients can also receive teeth whitening services at our office. For best results you should come in every six months to maintain your new shade of pink gum.

Is there anything else I should know about this procedure?

We are so excite to introduce you to a cosmetic procedure that can address racial pigmentation, ethnic pigmentation, and multifocal pigmentation in gums. This innovative treatment is safe for all skin types and offers lasting results. Another perk? You can take advantage of our procedure from the comfort of your own home. Talk to us today about our exciting new cosmetic procedure or visit our website for more information on what it does and how it works. We look forward to helping you beautify your smile!

If I am interested in getting a free consultation for gum pinkening from Dr. Serrano’s team at BriteSmile Dental Center, what do I do?

If you would like to know more about gum pinkening treatments for you or your love ones, call our New York office at (212) 378-8000 to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Serrano’s team at BriteSmile Dental Center.

What drugs cause oral pigmentation?

One of the most common causes of brown spots on the gums is a medication call birth control pills. When you take birth control pills you are giving your body synthetic hormones like estrogen and progesterone. This can increase your levels of melanin in the cells that line your gums. These melanin levels can go even higher if you have an imbalance of other hormones like testosterone. Other reasons for these pigments are smoking tobacco or excessive drinking alcohol.


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