Interactive Videos: How They’re Helping People Engage with Online Content


In this day and age, it can be difficult to get people’s attention. Even on social media platforms where content creators are in direct contact with their fans and followers, it can be difficult to truly engage people. Many people have short attention spans that make it difficult for them to sit through an entire video or article. This is where interactive videos come in; by breaking the video into smaller segments, you can encourage viewers to pay more attention and take action.

Why create an interactive video?

Interactive videos are a great way to engage your viewers and make them feel as though they’re part of the action. Cinema8 creates interactive video content that can be used for marketing, training, or even just for entertainment. For example, our Joke-a-Day series is a good option if you want to add some humor into your posts. We’ll post a funny joke every day (that is family friendly) and then have followers vote on which joke was their favorite. You might also want to use an Interactive video if you want people to contribute in some way – perhaps by telling jokes or sharing pictures from their hometowns in response to prompts from the video.

What’s so great about Cinema8? : We love creating interactive videos because it gives us the chance not only to show what we do but also give people an opportunity to get involved by interacting with our social media posts or suggesting new ideas for videos!

Benefits of interactive videos

Cinema8 is an interactive video platform that helps people engage with online content by providing them a unique and personalized way to tell their stories. Cinema8’s interactive videos can be shared on social media, which has helped the company grow and expand its reach. The site has been used in K-12 classrooms, universities, corporate meetings and more. The process of making interactive videos is simple and straightforward – all you have to do is upload your desired video and select the type of interactivity you want, such as navigating through layers or choosing one of several different outcomes for a character.

Tips on creating an interactive video

Make your video interactive by including a quiz, poll, or quiz that viewers can take at the end of the video. This will make them feel like they are more involved in the content and creates an interactive experience.

Include a call-to-action button on your video to get people to click through to other videos or pages.

Anchor your interactive experience to a specific product so that viewers have something tangible to engage with.

Promote your interactive content through social media, email marketing, and other promotional channels for maximum exposure.

Best free resources to create an interactive video

There are many free resources that can help you create interactive videos. Check out these three popular tools below to get started!

Aldo’s video maker -A browser-based tool that allows you to create an interactive video by dragging and dropping images, text, and shapes into a timeline. You can also add interactive hotspots for your viewers by simply drawing shapes on the screen.

Wakanim – An app for creating short animated videos in which users have the ability to customize their own playlists from various clips such as animation, music, sound effects, etc. These videos are created within a minute or two so they are a great way to get quick feedback on an idea before investing time into it.


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