Instagram Tricks And Features You Might Not Know About

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One thing you can do is use a line break. Check out the post preceding this one if you are unsure how to create these. Text after three lines is hidden and only accessible if the user opts for the More option. Buy Instagram Followers

An alternative is to remove hashtags from captions altogether. Instead, you can include hashtags in a comment on your blog post. Buy Instagram Followers


Do you have a filter you like but would like to be less intrusive?

The filters are set at the maximum intensities by default. You can alter them by pressing the filter twice in one row. This will display an adjustable slider that can be used to reduce or boost its power.

If you are at the level you prefer, click Done, and you are ready to go on posting it.


Double-tapping a filter will also bring an additional option. Just to the left of the slider’s intensity is the box-like icon. Tap it to buy instagram followers paypal create a border for the image.

Borders were once an essential feature on Instagram. However, they have since decreased in popularity. They can still be utilized to provide your photos with a unique retro look to make them stand out.


For some top-rated companies, it’s essential to have several Instagram accounts. The business you run may have too many aspects to buy instagram followers paypal reddit be a part of a single coherent space.

Fortunately, Instagram has made it easy to add accounts. The company introduced the possibility of adding up to five interconnected accounts last year. Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia

To set up an account:

Visit your profile page, then click the Options icon to open your account settings.
Scroll down until you reach Add a New Account and tap it.
Enter the username and password of your previous Account, and then log in.

Now, you can switch between accounts in a flash without logging off every time. Click on your username near the best place to buy instagram followers top of your profile, and you’ll see an option to select a list of accounts.


It is never too prudent when it comes down to buy instagram followers paypal cheap your digital security. There’s always the risk that your Account might get compromised due to hackers trying to penetrate the system.

If you’d like to provide an additional layer of security, you can add 2-factor authentication.

Click the gear icon with three dots at the top to open Your Options page. Under Account, you will be able to see Two-factor authentication.

You will take to a webpage with an option named Require Security Code by clicking on it. When you turn it on, it will send an SMS prompt informing the user that Instagram will send your phone with a security code each time you log in.

If your Instagram isn’t linked to best site to buy instagram followers paypal a phone number, you’ll be asked to supply one.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to erase your history. Some of us don’t feel at ease with having our data stored forever. Fortunately, Instagram offers the option to erase it.

Select the Options icon on your profile, and then scroll down until you reach Clear Search History. After pressing it, ensure you’re confident you’d like it removed. You don’t have anything to be concerned about!


Including other users’ photographs can be an excellent way to increase brand awareness. But, it’s not always a good issue. Sometimes, you’ll be tagged in the content you do not wish to be associated with. Buy Instagram Followers

You can cover these images to ensure that nobody else sees the photos.

If you wish to block any photos that have been tagged, Go to your profile. Below your bio, you will see an array of icons. Select the one that resembles an individual on the box to the left of the icon for bookmarks. You will be taken to the Photos of You section.

Don’t fret over it.

The settings icon is located in the upper right-hand corner. You’ll get the choice to Hide Photos. It won’t erase the content from the site, but it will prevent them from showing up in your Account.

If you want to allow tagged pictures to show on your profile, you can set it up so that you can approve each post on your own. Buy Instagram Followers

Navigate to your Photos of You section, click on the settings icon and select Tag Options. You can then choose Add Manually.


Using the same URL within your bio is unnecessary if you don’t wish to. You are free to swap it now and then. Buy Instagram Followers

Certain brands prefer to alter the theme every time they wish to launch a new campaign. You can make sure to highlight it by mentioning the URL in the captions of your most recent blog posts.


There are numerous benefits when browsing Instagram on your laptop or desktop. For example, you can quickly get a direct link to any photo on the site. Buy Instagram Followers

Right-click the image you like, then select”View Page Source. This will create a new tab with the source code of the page. You should be able to get a direct link for the image within.


Do you want to keep an eye on someone and find out what they’ve been up to?

Hit the heart icon on the lower right on your homepage, and you’ll be directed to the tab for activity. It will then change from Following to You at the top. Here you can observe the actions of all the people who you follow.


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