Instagram accounts worth following for inspiration for your brand

Instagram accounts worth following for inspiration for your brand

Instagram accounts brand inspiration image 44444No matter what industry you work in, if you don’t increase the size of your Instagram profile, you’re not getting the most. The speed of digital marketing through Instagram is increasing and is expected to surpass the likes of Facebook as the leading marketing platform. It is more crucial to create your profile by buying Instagram followers to receive the necessary engagements from your customers.

Instagram has grown into a major platform for brands, marketers and influencers who want to show their innovation and creative thinking. They utilize their talents to publish high-quality and entertaining content. Marketing professionals’ process of creativity never ends, and you can pick up many new techniques from the most creative businesses on Instagram. This article highlights eleven accounts from Instagram that are great to draw inspiration for your brand.

1. Instagram

The first item that is listed should come as not a surprise. What better brand can you get inspiration from than Instagram’s own feed? It features posts from accounts that create innovative posts, create stunning photographs and capture amazing moments through beautiful stories. A majority users are participants in Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project. Users try to find the chosen theme for the weekend and utilize the hashtag Instagram has created.

The best content is featured on the Instagram’s own page. It is now an aggregator of the top accounts, which are the most effective place to gather new ideas and inspiration. A major service that you should adopt is buying Sweden followers for your Insta Shine.

2. Entrepreneur Magazine

Like the title suggests it’s a page with entrepreneurs. The inspiring stories of founders from all over the globe, paired with amazing pictures and captions makes an extremely influential brand. They attempt to capture the experiences, the challenges and the triumph of every business owner and present the experience as succinctly as they can. Apart from getting the needed inspiration from these stories, you’ll also be able to get fresh ways to engage your audience and writing more effective captions.

3. Canon

Apart from being the most effective brand for motivating photographers, the brand offers great ideas and inspiration for other marketers too. Its captions are short and usually provide advice for photographers. Instagram posts photos from the Canon camera. They capture the attention of viewers through stunning images which capture the essence that is happening. They have Instagram followers have remained loyal over the decades. This is due to their first place when it comes to engaging and interfacing with their followers.

4. Four Seasons

A Canadian resort operator that understands how to promote its delicious food offerings can be found in Four Seasons. Its Instagram page is filled with breathtaking images of exotic destinations and a lot of this is because of its 100 hotels across the world. Alongside writing captivating captions that feature stunning images It also hosts contests on a regular basis to keep its fans engaged. The prize pools are large and span a wide range of genres.

5. Richard Branson

The company’s founder Virgin and an entrepreneur of renown, Richard Branson is a favorite among numerous Instagrammers.. The profile is filled with inspirational and inspiring business quotes. But, he also shares pictures of his travels and interactions with other influential people. If you run your own business and are seeking inspiration, you should look no further than Richard Branson.

6. We Work

We Work has an Instagram page that showcases images of inspiring workspaces, with stunning design and architectural designs. They grab people’s attention by captivating their fans by sharing stunning photos and videos and engage with them frequently. If you follow We Work you will not just gain new ideas about your workspace, but also be inspired by the focus on detail.

7. Adobe

Adobe is proud of publishing photos users produce using their tools. The photos are featured to not only connect with their followers but also provide them with the incentive to produce additional entertaining content using the program they’ve developed. It’s an excellent marketing technique and one that their followers fully acknowledge as well.. Some of these images are amazing that you cannot resist admiring the talent of the user.

8. Apple

Apple is among the most renowned technology brands in the world, and its Instagram account is equally impressive. Their brand is so popular that it is a popular choice for many users. They publish user-generated pictures and stories, which are either shot or made using their tools.

9. Sharpie

Sharpie creates canvases, markers and templates that users can use to create inspirational quotes, hold contests, or publish other posts. They also share the most popular content posted by their users via the Instagram page.

10. Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is a famous book enthusiast, entrepreneur, and influencer who shares inspirational motivational quotes on his Twitter account. He exploded onto the spotlight through the “one book a day” challenge in which the author read and reviewed a book each day throughout the year. The books he chooses to read are mostly around self-improvement and business. His Instagram page is full of photos that show his constantly growing understanding.

11. Greats

A brand that can manage to not be too pushy and yet achieve amazing marketing results is Greats. It’s a Brooklyn-based shoe company that knows how to promote itself. The key for their growth is the fact that they offer teasers, implement a creative marketing strategy, and provide benefits to their fans. They don’t push their brand in the same way as other accounts.


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