How to tie a Hijab

How to tie a Hijab

A hijab is a head scarf worn by Muslim women. It can be used to cover the hair, neck, and chest. The basic steps to tying your hijab are:

step 1

  • You need a scarf
  • You need to put on the scarf
  • Find the middle of your scarf and fold it into two equal parts (it will be one long piece)
  • Pull both ends of your scarf through this point in order to tie it into a bow at either end

step 2

The second step is to fold the scarf into a triangle. The size of this triangle depends on how long your head scarf is and how thick it is, but it should be large enough to cover your head and neck. It should also fit snugly into the nape of your neck so that when you use it as a hijab, no parts of the scarf fall off during movement or bending over.

If you have trouble folding your scarf into an appropriate size for covering all these areas at once, try folding each corner separately before joining them up again in order for them all fit together comfortably without being too tight around your face or neck (which could cause discomfort).

step 3

While the hijab is pinned, it’s important that it doesn’t fall off. If your hijab is too tight or loose, it will likely fall off and you’ll look like a clown.

To make sure that your hijabi stays in place, we recommend using pins or hair clips to hold it up and make sure it doesn’t shift around during the day. You should also make sure that if anyone sees you wearing this headdress they know what they are looking at: no one wants to see an upside-down headscarf!

step 4

When you’re ready to tie your hijab, start with step 3.

  • Start by grabbing the end of the scarf and bring it up over your head so that it’s resting on top of your head like you would if you were tying a bandana or other piece of clothing. You may need to pull on it gently until it sits comfortably against your scalp; if this isn’t working for you, then try loosening up the knot before proceeding with Step 2a below!

2a) Hold onto one side of the scarf at both ends (you can use both hands), then pull upward until there is enough slack so that one end rests comfortably against either side of your head; repeat this process for both sides before moving onto Step 3b below!

step 5

  • Step 5: Make sure that the sides of your head are completely covered with fabric.
  • Step 6: Secure the end of your scarf by wrapping it around your head, making sure that you have enough fabric to cover all areas of skin (including ears). If there is not enough material on one side, overlap the ends so that they meet in the middle of your forehead; this will ensure that no part of your face or neck is exposed when wearing a hijab or scarf.
  • Step 7: Tie off both ends with an overhand knot at each side of the head and then pull tight so they cannot come undone easily while wearing it during prayer times (eid al-adha).can you know how Muslim head covering male.

you can tie a hijab

There are many ways to tie a hijab. You can choose whichever method suits you best and make sure that you wear your hijab properly.

  • How to tie a Hijab?
  • It is important to know how to tie a Hijab because it is an important part of Islamic culture and traditions. The best way to learn how to tie a Hijab would be by practicing with someone who has already done so before hand so that they can show you exactly what they did when they tied theirs on their head each time they wore them out in public places like schools or offices where non Muslims worked alongside Muslim women who were wearing hijabs too!
  • If possible try using an old pair of jeans as this will give better results than using fine silk fabric along with loose cotton fabric which could end up slipping off easily because it isn’t very sturdy enough when compared against denim material used during those days.”


Remember, the most important thing is safety. If you’re unsure about how to tie a hijab yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for help from a professional!


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