How to play Ludo to make money?

How to play Ludo to make money?

We all know the game Ludo which became more famous when it was sent to the mobile game stage. This is our best time pass during the lockdown. Kept us occupied and engaged during the pandemic. In any case, you can earn cash by playing the Ludo game on the web. So let’s play ludo and earn money on the web so instead of just playing ludo you can earn some money from it.

Let’s say you believe that you have great abilities and abilities in the Ludo game. You can then make it your full time job to withdraw cash from Ludo games on the web. Exceptionally low enterprise with at least Rs 20. You can play an integrated Ludo game and earn real money which you can withdraw directly to financial balance or use UPI like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe etc.To learn more about satta king gaming then click here.

How to earn money with Ludo games Online?

You just have to join below recorded web-based ludo game apps and then install them and register your record. Then start joining the competition. You can contribute as low as Rs.20 and play a ludo game worth Rs.10. Assuming that you are dominant in the Ludo match, take 2 rupees and you will get 18 rupees. It means individuals of the Ludo game keep 10% as their bonus per game.

Best Ludo games to Make money online

There are many ludo game applications available online to download. However, not all are authentic and trustworthy. So I have tried many ludo cash buy games without anyone else’s help and recorded here 2-3 which are the best performing ludo applications. Others are not paying convenient, some are stealing from persons, some accidents while playing ludo game and you will free your cash. So below are the best games to earn cash by playing Ludo.

1-Khiladi Adda 

Following are the basic steps to play and earn Ludoking game.

1.Join PlayerAddress and use my reference code to get a joining reward. welcome code – kopavqof

2.Then choose your game – Ludo Adda. You must have Ludo King game installed – Download and Install here

  1. Ludo Adda Accept the live challenges and play to win real money by playing Ludo King

4.When you accept the demand you get the room code for Ludo Ruler

5.Select the choice under My Challenges – Go to Ludo Lord and glue your room code to join.

6.Then after game screen capture of your winning page and transfer to Ludoada in my challenge area. All this is expected to fetch cash by playing Ludo tabletop game on your cell phone.

2-Ludo Fantasy

So here is India’s 100 percent protected and believed online ludo game. Here you can play simple game also you can play real cash association to fetch cash by playing ludo game. So if you think you are great at playing Ludo, start bringing in cash today. They enjoy respite from 3:01 am to 5:59 am, so Real Money League will take place continuously between 6 am and 3 pm, i.e. 21 hours and 3 hours a day. Balance Ludo Dream is the most mind blowing real cash ludo game. The advantageous thing about Ludofantasy is that it is without lag, so your game will not crash and you will not lose cash due to problem in the application. So it will be smooth gaming experience. You can also play this game with your loved ones by joining private rooms where cash is not required.

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How to withdraw money on LUDO Fantasy?

Click on Win Balance at the top left to calculate your Ludo Profit. Then choose payment methods. Ludo Dream makes installments through bank account and UPI like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay or any of your bank UPI. All you need to do is enter the UPI ID and amount to withdraw. You can withdraw with minimum Rs.20


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