How to Install And Use The Lastpass Browser Extension On Various Browsers


Using Lastpass Chrome Extension on a laptop or desktop computer without the Lastpass Discount plugin is a waste of time. In just a few clicks, you can save and automatically log in to all of your favorite websites through your vault. Think of the browser extension as a tool that helps you store and fill passwords as you visit different websites. As soon as you establish a new account, the browser extension notifies you and asks whether you’d want to save it in your LastPass vault. When you sign in to a site for the first time, it will perform the same thing.

As a bonus, whenever you change your password on a specific site, the Lastpass Chrome Extension will also notify you and ask whether you’d want to update the information in your vault. It is also via the addon that LastPass can automatically fill in your login and password.

So, how do I go about adding the extension to my web browser?

To begin, you’ll need a LastPass profile. For those who haven’t set one up yet, go here. You may get the browser extension here after it is done. Just choose the browser you use, click “download,” and then follow the on-screen directions to complete the installation.

Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other browsers all have extensions. To complete the process, just log in to your LastPass account using the Lastpass Chrome Extension with Lastpass Discount. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to install the browser extension.

What’s next?

Now you can simply browse normally with the Lastpass Chrome Extension, and it will automatically fill in your login credentials and store any that aren’t already in your vault. New Lastpass Chrome Extension users will appreciate the ease with which they may set up their vaults. Manually adding websites to your vault isn’t necessary. By just entering a site while surfing, LastPass will instantly store it in your vault.

Disabling your browser’s default password manager is an additional action you should take to ensure your data is safe. Because your browser may already be saving your passwords for you, you must turn off this option to avoid any conflicts with LastPass. It’s much preferable to use a separate password manager rather than your browser for a variety of reasons. Because Lastpass Chrome Extension syncs across devices, you can access your information whenever you need it.

How to deactivate Chrome’s password manager is detailed below.

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What more can the add-on for your browser accomplish?

As a bonus, the browser extension can create passwords for you, which comes in useful when you’re setting up new accounts. You may also change the password’s difficulty and features in this section. Using the browser plugin, you may also view any secure notes or form fills (such as credit card information or addresses). Just a fantastic feature that greatly enhances the functionality of LastPass. So, if you haven’t already, go ahead and get the extension. Please check out the video below or contact our support page if you have any more questions about how to use the app.

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The 9 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is used by two out of every three people who go online laptop: it’s quick, trustworthy, and safe, and the extensions that come with it make it even better. Extensions from the Google Chrome Web Store may boost your productivity and enhance your online experience at the same time.

Here are nine of our favorite Google Chrome extensions that we use every day.

The first OneTab

At any one moment, I have roughly a dozen tabs open. OneTab is like the Netflix program “Tidying Up,” when Marie Kondo asks me, tab by tab, which tabs bring me pleasure. You may compress all of your open tabs into a single list with a single click. Because OneTab saves so much program memory, my laptop appreciates it nearly as much as I do.

Google’s Gmail Checker Plus is the second option.

As the owner of three active Gmail accounts, I was looking for a more efficient method to utilize and keep track of them all. To read and remove emails, I use Checker Plus for Gmail, which combines alerts and previews. The Chrome Web Store has Checker Plus for Gmail, which you can get there.

Is a Bookmark Manager

I have an issue with bookmarks. As a result, my files are a mess and I have much more than I like to acknowledge. Enter the Bookmarks Manager. “The Bookmark Manager can help you track down a long-lost Food Network recipe using Google’s search engine. This extension will even propose a folder when you add a bookmark to a website.

Take a look at the Chrome Web Store for Bookmark Manager.


Momentum is a customizable dashboard for tracking your productivity. As soon as you open a new tab in your browser, Momentum will question you “What is your major priority for today?” and then show it so that you’ll always be reminded of it. To-do lists, favorite websites, and weather forecasts may all be found in Momentum.


Using Chrome’s built-in screen recording tool, you can record video of your desktop, a browser tab, or even your camera. Make your final cut with the help of ScreenCastify by narrating over a webcam recording and editing it into a finished video. YouTube, export, or upload to Google Drive are all options for distributing your screencasts.

Keep Your Focus

Using StayFocusd, you may set a time restriction on how much time you spend on distracting websites. Set a time limit for how long you want to spend on Facebook or YouTube, and StayFocusd will ban the site for the rest of the day if you don’t finish your session. If you like, you may also restrict certain sites or in-page material such as movies and photographs.

Take a look at the Chrome Web Store and get StayFocusd.

I find that writing out what I need to accomplish helps me stay on track. Unfortunately, I end up having a lot of lists scattered over a lot of different locations. All of my to-dos can be entered in one spot, and they sync across my laptop, phone, and any Chrome-enabled device.

An active reminder, organized and prioritized tasks, and daily or weekly overviews of your successes may all be achieved with a simple to-do list (ever so more satisfying than crossing items off a list). You may get Todoist by going to the Chrome Web Store and downloading it.

Ensure that all of the lights are turned off

To obtain the full cinematic experience from a YouTube, Vimeo, or Hulu film on your mobile device is almost impossible. It’s a great plugin that lets you dim the whole website, and save the video, by clicking on a light button. After a long day of looking at screens, this is sure to bring a grin to your face. Utilize Chrome Web Store to get Turn Off The Lights for free.


All of your usernames and passwords will be saved in Lastpass Chrome Extension database so that you can access them from any computer or mobile device that you have. Using Lastpass Chrome Extension, you simply need one master passphrase to access the vault and all of your passwords. The Chrome Web Store has Lastpass Chrome Extension installed for free. Let us know what you believe are the finest Chrome extensions by leaving a comment below!


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