How To Draw My Hero Academia? Draw With Easy Steps

How To Draw My Hero Academia? Draw With Easy Steps

My Hero Academia is a popular manga and anime series that has been running since 2014. The series is set in a world where people with superpowers, or “quirks”, are the norm. It follows Izuku Midoriya, a boy without any powers, as he tries to become a hero in a world where that seems impossible.

The series has been praised for its strong characters and interesting plot. It has been collected into 11 volumes so far. The anime adaptation of the franchise’s story was broadcast on Japanese television in 2016 and 2017.

Now we will see how to draw a My Hero Academia in a very easy steps. If we can do the following steps, then we will easily draw Hero Academia sketch. For any other delay, let get in learn How to Draw My Hero Academia sketch.

Draw the Face of Deku

You can start by drawing the face first. In fact, you should draw a face that is rounded by drawing straight diagonal lines. Next, draw a few carton-type shapes at the bottom. For drawing the eye, you draw the oval shape according to the size of the face with certain details.

Add further details on the mouth by drawing the nose at the center beneath the eyes. Next, draw the oval-type circle under the nose for the mouth. The mouth should be opened. Add some angry details on the mouth for better graphics. In this way, we have learned that how to draw Deku face easily.

Next, finish off the outline for his hair.

You can continue the spherical top of the hair with additional spiky lines by utilizing the components you started in the prior action of your My Hero Academia drawing. Once you finish this hair outline, you will be all set to start drawing his attire in the next action of these guidelines, so let’s move!

Start drawing his clothing in this step.

The clothing of Izuku will be extremely detailed, so we will stick to the pattern made in this and the next few steps in this guide on how exactly to draw My Hero Academia. Upon the hood, a rectangular piece contains several angular segments lined up in a row that you can begin with. Then, there is a sharp triangular portion at the centre of this element with some marks drawn on it.

Before we finish this step, we will use many curved lines for the jacket sleeve he is carrying. As we mentioned, there are other intricate details to draw when drawing the gateway to this step, so follow the reference image closely.

Now start drawing his arms.

We will now proceed to lift his arms where the sleeves of his top are flowing. This impact will be achieved utilizing many slim and twisted lines, and there will also be several line-shaped outlines on the left sleeve. Now that you are satisfied with how this step moves.


Finish off your My Hero Academia Drawing


In this next step of our drawing lesson on drawing My Hero Academia using volumetric forms, we’ll add his gloved hands along with the rest of his sleeves. Another thing similar to all the other components of his drawing will be highly complicated.

The first hand will almost directly reach the viewer, whereas the other will extend outward. Once all the knowledge we want to cover through this guide is complete, you can still find a few other details. You could add more onto his body to complete the inferior body or draw a background with a few of your most pleasing My Hero Academia characters.

Give a Final touch with colour.

When you have finished your My Hero Academia drawing, it is time to add the final finishing touches! Izuku uses a primarily green colour scheme, the hue we used for our drawing. We also use colours like grey, blue and red to replicate his look from the show.

You could also add some of your individual design choices and experiment with various art and craft tools to make them come to life! We know that whatever design you choose will look fantastic.


We have learned how to sketch hero Academia. Every work is perfect when done in a step-by-step and sequential manner. That’s why this drawing process is done in a sequential model. In the first step, the face and parts of the face are drawn. In the next step, the hairs are drawn on the above forehead

.The outline is drawn. After that, the clothes are drawn. In this next step, we learned how to draw the arms and hands of the hero. After that, we filled the colour to the sketch of the hero to make it more attractive. This way, the sketch is drawn very easily and planned way.


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