How To Decorate A Mum And Baby Hamper?

How To Decorate A Mum And Baby Hamper?

If you hear a piece of news about someone’s pregnancy in your family or close friends, you should be excited to send her a beautiful gift hamper. You want to gift her a unique and outstanding hamper. But the main thing is how can you decorate your hamper? Mum and baby hamper allows you to design gift hampers of your choice.

Category of gifts mum and baby hamper have

The mum and baby hamper has a variety of adorable and lovable gifts for the mother and the baby. There are some types of hampers you can get mentioned below:

  • Gifts for mama and papa
  • Gifts for the little one
  • Books and Stationary
  • breastfeeding care gift boxes
  • Teething baby gift boxes
  • ¬†baby and mama gift boxes
  • Liberty of London jewelry
  • Pin badges
  • Vegan skincare for mum and baby
  • Sterling silver pregnancy chimes

Mama Jewels sells all these items of high quality and reliable material for long-term use.

Ideas to decor gift hampers

If you are going to the baby for the first time, you must carry a pretty and cute gift for the baby and mother. Through mum and baby hamper, you can show your love towards their parents and congrats them. Let’s explore some concepts to customize your hamper:

1. Hamper for baby girl

Mama Jewels has various things and a variety of presents. Girls mostly like pink color. So, you have to go for the pink basket like:

  • The net that covers the basket can be a pink color.
  • Ribbons should be beautiful and tied perfectly.
  • You can add all the pink stuff to the basket, Such as the pink dress, shoes, hair accessories, socks, doll sets, and baby skincare products.

2. Hamper for baby boy

The blue color is always for the boys, but we can also choose a neutral color like black or green. We can make is a hamper with the help of these things:

  • You can go with any color except pink or yellow.
  • Hamper design should be very cool for the boy.
  • You can add some products like a teether, feeder set, products, blanket set, pair of shoes and socks, wrapping sheets, and bathroom set.
  • Pack them superbly and flawlessly.

Mum and baby hamper by Mama Jewels have all these products you can buy the from them conveniently. Your close one would love these gift hampers.

Why Mama Jewels?

Mum and baby hamper by Mama Jewels are the best for gifts. They have a lot of color variety of dresses. However, you can buy them for both boys and girls. If you are going on a gender reveal occasion or a baby shower, you should get a gift hamper in a neutral color from mum and baby hamper by Mama Jewels. Cute gift for the baby and mother You do not need to worry because you can get different things from this site. Their packed hampers are so attractive. If you order a hamper for the first time, then you will do it again.


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