How to Choose The Best Towing Service in your Area


The last time you or your friend’s car broke down was over in 2019. There were 69 million vehicle breakdowns that year. You could run out of gas, get a flat tire, get in a collision, or have a breakdown. In times of emergency, it is always best to be prepared. Finding a reliable and fast towing service is vital.

Suppose you were stranded due to a vehicle breakdown. In that case, you might not be able to get assistance from a tow truck until a loved one or sympathetic stranger has already pulled over to help you.

On the other hand, professional towing service is an excellent solution for a few reasons. It will come with the equipment needed to address various automotive issues, including tools that allow a driver to avoid towing. A tow truck will be well-equipped to help you with the following injuries.

  • Vehicle jump starts
  • Battery installation
  • Engine breakdowns
  • Flat tire
  • Locked out of the car
  • Flatbed towing

As soon as your car is hooked onto the tow truck, the towing company needs to handle your vehicle appropriately so that you aren’t pressured about cost.

Choosing the Best Towing Company in Boston

When you need a towing company, it is preferable to pick one ahead of time to avoid getting caught up in an emergency later. Here’s what you can expect from our towing service. We’ve compiled some guidelines to aid you in selecting the exemplary towing service.

Check Reviews

Before choosing a towing service, you want to know its reputation. Research feedback from people you know and family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. But you also want to do your research online. You can ask your Facebook friends for towing service and utilize online review sites. Look at Google, Yelp, Yellowpages, and Facebook, to find customer reviews of local towing services.

When searching for a towing service, you should always look at the average ratings from 4 and 5. Keep in mind to read the reviews given by customers on their experiences with various towing services. A company engaged with online reviews exhibits that it values its customers. Being highly skilled in towing, however, does not guarantee excellent service.

Determine The Types of Towing Services that are Offered

Some companies specialize in towing services, while others offer roadside assistance. Look through the information online to decide what services each local provider provides. If you need assistance at midnight, it’s good to stick with a towing company that features 24-hour assistance.

If you are likely to move a car across state lines, you will require an interstate towing company. Some towing businesses have auto body shops, and some offer towing only. Boston Towing offers 24-hour towing service and has a certified auto bodywork shop. They provide collision repair, automotive detailing, tire alignment, glass and window repair, and wash and vacuum.

Know their Pricing

If we find ourselves in a dire situation needing a tow, we do not want a business to take advantage of us. You should know how much it will cost to tow your car before you hire them. It would be best to inquire about both upfront costs or ask about them in advance.

Here are the Two Things to Ask

  1. Costs per mile per destination 
  2. Hook-up fee

Compare the towing companies close to you to discover what different prices they charge for particular circumstances.


It’s best to use a towing company available 24/7, especially if you’re stranded roadside. Companies without emergency towing services can only respond when business hours are over, so they’re unreliable.

It would be best if you also leaned on a provider with excellent performance history. Although a new towing company may have a hard time proving its worth, one with a long tradition in the industry is a more priceless investment. Boston Towing has been in business for five years! No other towing company has a title like that.

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