How to Become an Air Hostess: Course, Jobs, and Salary




Choosing a career and the right path after high school is one of the biggest and most important decisions anyone will make in their life. Every student aspires to succeed, prosper financially, and lead a secure life. Some individuals make wise career decisions and achieve their goals. Sadly, some individuals lack direction, which prevents them from making the best choices for their lives. For those who want to work in the airline industry and picture themselves serving passengers, we have the best information. You are indeed correct.


If you want to learn how to become an air hostess and everything required, look over the information shared below on “air hostess as a career option.”


You could enroll in a course on hostel management.




A career as an air hostess offers a completely different way of life in addition to a secure future.

Numerous diploma and degree programs are offered by some of India’s top universities. Different air hostess institutes have different application procedures and eligibility requirements.


The average salary in India is between 20,000 and 80,000 rupees per month.


A flight attendant, also known as an air hostess, is responsible for several tasks. Customers of airlines will receive customer service from you. Air hostesses are also required to help the captain and other airline staff with administrative duties. An air hostess’s position requires a lot of administrative and customer service tasks, as was already mentioned.


Roles & Responsibilities


The lives of several people depend on air hostesses every day. They are in charge of everything, including serving food and beverages and demonstrating safety measures. They have duties that include tending to patients who are also passengers and calming nervous passengers during tumultuous situations.


An air hostess needs to be incredibly amiable and attentive to do a good job. Many aspiring air hosts want to know what tasks they perform while working on an aircraft. Here are a few examples of the typical duties that air hosts must complete with the utmost dedication:


  • Before boarding any flight, a pre-flight meeting is held, during which each participant is given a task about the flight’s particulars, passengers’ needs, medical conditions, and the number of infants on board.
  • completing pre-flight tasks like checking the food supply and the safety equipment’s availability and functionality.
  • Additionally, they must smile and say “Welcome to the Flight” as they direct passengers to their seats.
  • To ensure that each passenger’s hand luggage arrives at its destination in a secure condition. to confirm that everyone is buckled up before the aircraft is ready to take off.
  • Giving first aid in cases of medical emergencies to passengers.
  • The comfort of every passenger until the aircraft lands.
  • To make sure that everyone has taken their handbag and that nothing has been left in the overhead bins.
  • Finally, give a brief account of the flight and offer any suggestions or file a grievance regarding anything that was lacking.


Behavioral Skills Required


  • You might not get the job even if you look good. Nothing is exactly as it seems. You must exhibit specific behavioral characteristics that fit your personality. These include:
  • Pleasant Personality: You must be attractive and have a pleasant voice to work as an air hostess.
  • Good Communication Skills: To influence passengers and effectively help them in times of need, one must have good communication skills.
  • Excellent presence of mind is essential in an emergency, so an air hostess who possesses it will succeed.
  • It is essential to work as a team because it is simpler to complete tasks in a coordinated manner.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances and flight delays, an air hostess frequently has to put in the extra effort.
  • The only thing you need is a positive attitude in the end.


Jobs & Career Opportunities


Your personality as well as your educational background are crucial if you want to work as an air hostess. This is a glamorous career choice because, in addition to earning a respectable salary, you can network with business moguls and movie stars. Air hostesses are given free access to 5-star hotels and first-class international dining. Those who work on international flights get the chance to visit foreign megamalls and experience different cultures.


According to the rules, aircrew is not allowed to fly for more than 72 hours in a month. This suggests that the workload is not particularly heavy. Additionally, salaries are competitive depending on the airline company where you work.


Promotions are also available in this sector. The senior flight attendant and head attendant are two positions that a flight attendant can advance.


Compensation vs. Salary


The typical monthly salary for an airline’s air hostesses ranges from 20,000 to 80,000 INR. Domestic airlines can pay between INR 20,000 and INR 35,000 depending on experience, and international airlines can pay up to INR 80,000. Senior air hostesses at some opulent international airlines can expect to make anywhere between INR 100,000 and INR 200,000 per month.


Retirement plans, health insurance, and fare discounts are a few additional benefits that airline companies offer. The pay is excellent overall for positions as an air hostess.


  • Training programs for air hosts
  • As part of the BBA, aviation and hospitality management
  • BCA with a focus on hotel and aviation management
  • BCOM with a focus on travel and hospitality
  • B.Sc ( Airhostess training)
  • Diploma in Air Hostess Training
  • Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management
  • Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management
  • Diploma in International Aviation and Hospitality Management




Being an air hostess is a dream come true for many men and women. If you fall into that category, this is your chance to stand out. You need to put in more effort than ever before and take advantage of the small window of time you have.



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