How Pakistani Suits are Different From Indian Suits?

How Pakistani Suits are Different From Indian Suits?

The Pakistani apparel industry, like any other, can be called a living organism. It is constantly evolving and growing, it thrives on celebrity fashion, wedding seasons, fads and festivals. There are a lot of similarities between Pakistan and Indian clothing. One of the common clothing is shalwar kameez.

It is a quite popular staple in both Pakistani and Indian fashion. It is a fashion outfit which often consists of a shalwar and a kameez. A kameez is a top or a shirt while a shalwar is the bottom or pants. The designs of shalwar kameez can range from a simple shalwar kameez suit to suits featuring complex embroidery and intricate designs.

While it is common in both Pakistan and India, buyers usually consider if there are differences between Pakistani suits UK and Indian shalwar kameez outfits. Here is a detailed comparison of Indian and Pakistani suits.

Indian Suits Explained

Just a few other garments come closer to the versatility and functionality of shalwar kameez in ethnic fashion of Indian women. While shalwar kameez has a history from the Mughal Era, this piece of fashion from India has evolved over the years. And has been reconstructed by the fashion designers in several ways. In this sense, the Indian shalwar kameez is both modern and ethnic, and will assist you in creating a stylish, classic and chic appearance. Fabric type for both the kameez and the shalwar.

The embellishments and embroidery on Indian shalwar kameez suits are often the first things to strike you. Such intricate ornamentation requires a lot of artistry and creativity to get right. Famous enhancements on these suits could range from resham to thread, pearl, kardana, stone, zari, and zardosi etc.

Pakistani Suits Explained

Pakistani suits UK features only as much embroidery but that embroidery is often done in thread and resham. Pakistani shalwar kameez range in size from mostly floor length to mostly long dresses. In addition, most of the embellishments on the dresses are usually done on the bodice and border.

The bottom wear as far as the Pakistani suits are concerned, are usually churidar, and are often floor length bottoms. Several salwar kameez suits in Pakistan often feature open fronts with slits, and the fabric commonly used are georgette, satin and velvet.

Pakistani suits are trendy, stylish and often come with subtle placket details. The churidar and the dupatta often come in matching colors and styles, and the dupatta in the Pakistani suits is often heavier compared to Indian suits.

The Key Differences

When comparing Pakistani and Indian suits, the difference is always in the detailing. A few of the key differences can be seen in how the embroidery is done, the common neckline and styles and sleeves, as well as the fabric type for both the kameez and the shalwar.

However, the subtle differences in pattern and style of these suits make them unique to both the countries. However, we can conclude that Pakistani suits and Indian suits permeate each other though there are certain differences in details.


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