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Richard Montanez is a fiery story. As a janitor in a Southern California Frito-Lay facility, he got an industry-altering insight. “What if I put some chile on a Cheeto?” This led to him requesting a meeting with the CEO of the company. The Flamin’ Hot Cheeto franchise was born. The self-help business would soon follow.Subscribe to receive a weekly roundup with thought-provoking ideas, debates and thoughts This feel-good story has been cracking like a cornchip. Montanez’s simple, yet inspiring tale has been a hit with millions. Montanez is the author of two books.  Eva longoria is now directing a biopic about his life.

Where is the Cheetos-richard-montanez crumbling? This story is not correct according to a Los Angeles Times investigation. Montanez did not graduate from high school. He worked his way up to the top. As a janitor and corporate executive. Which is a remarkable feat in today. Income stratified society the paper reported. A group of corporate employees with lynne. Greenfeld a former executive at the company.

According to the Times, Montanez entered the process late. According to the newspaper, a 1993 U.S. News and World Report article gave Montanez credit for Flamin’ Hot Popcorn. The paper also points out discrepancies in Montanez’s timeline of events. According to emails reviewed by The Times, Greenfeld didn’t know anything about Montanez’s story until she found it online in 2018. She then realized that he was claiming credit for her initiative.

Frito-Lay has issued multiple statements that add no clarity, citing “institutional memory” loss. According to Frito-Lay, Montanez wasn’t involved in the testing of the popular snack. The Times was told by the company that the facts did not support the urban legend. But NPR’s Planet Money reported that he worked on the product.

Montanez will not give up on his story. He said, “Remember this: the best way to destroy positive messages is to destroy their messenger,” in an video that he posted to Instagram. He said to Variety that he had never heard of Greenfeld prior to the recent contretemps. It might not matter if Montanez’s story is accurate about how Flamin Hot Cheetos got into supermarkets.

Motivational speakers and books can be the intellectual and social equivalent to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. The addictive, cloying taste makes it almost impossible not to eat them. They often contain artificial ingredient. Robert Kiyosaki’s wealthy father is almost certain fictional. Donald Trump was not an entrepreneur by himself, but was born into wealth.

Some people believe that success is easier than it really is. It is much harder to save $1 million for retirement than it is to give up one cup. Sheryl Sandberg was right to say that women are more likely to fail. However, refusing to give in and finding men allies were not the only solutions when ” lean In” was published. And, in 2021, the situation for female workers — down nearly 2 million — is even worse.

Self-help stories are popular and drive an industry that generates $10 million annually. They not only offer do-it-yourself solutions for economic and social problems, but also play to the belief of society in individuals’ ability to overcome obstacles. These stories are in some ways fairy tales for adults. However, the hard truths are often secondary to their instructional morals. This content can be compared to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in that it motivates but does not satisfy consumers. It is possible to have many more bites of Montanez’s story. His publisher, Portfolio books, an imprint from Penguin.

Random house has raised questions about the timing of the claims but does not plan to cancel or postpone Montanez’s upcoming book. Disclosure: Montanez is a friend of mine and I am a publisher. His side is not being taken lightly by the people involved in the movie project. Variety said that the screenwriter believed the story was true. “We are not in the documentary business.



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