7 Free Movie Streaming Apps for Android

free movie streaming apps

You can stream and watch movies and TV shows online using movie apps for Android. These Movie Apps are free and allow you to download the content.

Are you looking for apps to stream free TV and movies online? DigitBin offers the best free streaming apps for Android. These apps do not store movies on their servers, but instead, search the web for TV shows and movies to stream online. Here’s a list of the top Android apps that allow you to stream TV shows and movies online via Wi-Fi or your cellular network.

A large number of streaming sites on the internet are misleading and attempt to infect your device with malware. There may be permissions requested by these apps that are not necessary for their normal operation. Apps may ask for permission to contact you, which is not necessary to stream movies. These are the top Movie apps;

Apps that aren’t downloaded from trusted sources such as Amazon Store or Google Play Store can be harmful and malicious to your phone, and you as a user. They may also harass your privacy. You should only grant permissions that you believe are necessary for the app’s operation. You will find the permission under Settings on your Android device.

Android Movie Apps Free of Charge

These are the best free movie apps to stream and watch movies online for Android.

Momix – Free Movie App

Momix is the Best Movie Streaming App. Videos are loaded super fast, and the interface is similar to Netflix. All major VOD/OTT services are available online, allowing you to access movies and television shows. One of the best things about the app is its speed and lack of annoying advertisements. The app supports HD video playback.

The Momix app gives you unlimited access to TV shows and movies. The app provides access to premium content without a subscription fee. It is recommended to use a VPN Proxy if the app does not work on your network.

Using a trusted VPN service will make you anonymous and never let anyone know your identity. You can trust on companies like Surfshark, NordVPN, & so more. These companies also offer their best plans like NordVPN & Surfshark 3-year deal to offer their services at cheap rates.

Momix Features

  • There are no irritating ads.
  • There is support for all resolutions and HD quality is available.
  • For a better experience, subtitles are available.
  • You can download the movies
  • It is easy to use and user-friendly.


There are no better HD movie streaming apps than CloudStream 3 and no better HD movie download apps. CloudStream 3 is not hosted any content and it has no control over media that is uploaded or removed. CloudStream 3 acts as a search engine similar to Google and indexes movies and series using available resources. It doesn’t host, upload, or manage any video, film, or content. Links are crawled, aggregated, and displayed in an easy-to-use interface.

You are not bombarded with ads and the player is fast and clean. There is a download button below the video for viewing it offline on an Android mobile device. It is possible to play HD movies with the app.

Cinema HD

There is currently no better streaming app than Cinema HD. It is a blend of ShowBox TV and Terrarium TV. It offers many features for free. it offers a variety of sources to stream and downloads movies. 

Search for the movie to display a list with streams. Click on the link to play it. All you need is internet access.

Tea TV

Free movies and TV shows can be viewed and streamed using TeaTV’s Android application. A high level of care has been put into designing and developing the app. Your Fire device can access TV and movies via TeaTV in 1080p.

The TeaTV app is a great alternative to Terrarium TV and ShowBox. You can download the content. There is a movie guide on TeaTV that contains information about upcoming movies, trailers, reviews, and more. you can also track your watch history.

TeaTV Features

  • Keep track of your movies
  • Get Movies Free of Charge
  • The Latest Movies and TV Shows
  • Design is simple and clutter-free
  • HD streaming supported

Bee TV

BeeTV, a free streaming app that is available for download, can be described as an unlocked version of Netflix or Amazon Prime. When you search for a movie or series, the app will display a list of MB-sized links. Click on any link to view the content or download it free of charge. BeeTV interface is similar to Netflix’s, and it doesn’t have annoying ads. This Android app is free to use and allows you to enjoy new movies.

BeeTV: Goods

  • Unlimitless movies, series, and new releases
  • Simple Interface Like Netflix
  • There are multiple working links for movies and shows of varying sizes
  • You can download free movies and other content
  • We have fewer ads


Kodi is an open-source media player. It is free and offers to stream a large number of movies. Kodi stores the repository as a file. The Add-on is easy to install. The process takes just a few minutes, after which you can watch movies, live TV, shows, music, etc. You can call Kodi an entertainment powerhouse.

If you’re a movie buff, the Kodi App could be your best friend. Kodi allows you to install multiple apps from one repository file. You can find a lot of tutorials online that will help you learn more about the app.

Features of Kodi

  • You can used to install multiple apps
  • Installation is simple and navigation is quick
  • Numerous customization options.
  • There are a lot of movies.
  • It is possible to install Repo Files with various genres.

The Kodi App is available on Google Play Store

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If you don’t know about Netflix, you would live in the stone age. There is no better place to watch shows, movies, or other highly-rated programs than Netflix. The app hosts the majority of popular TV shows, as well as classics, animations and anime, documentaries, and its own originals.

The availability and quality of Netflix’s content make it the best online entertainment platform. When it comes to high-quality TV shows, movies, dramas, info dramas, and other entertainment, Netflix is the best option.


We discussed the 7 free streaming movie apps. All these are easy to use and free of cost. These apps show you the latest content in high quality. These Apps are easy to find on Google or Google play store.


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