Ford Ranger Raptor prices to rise next year

Ford Ranger price

The RRP of the performing Ford Ranger Raptor will increase next year as the waiting period extends from nine to 12 months. And not everyone who has already lined up will be “cheaped”.

The 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor will cost between $85,490 and $86,790 plus shipping — an increase of $1,300 — starting early next year. And metallic paint colors will drop from $675 to $700 amid record demand for Ford’s high-performance pickup trucks. You can search for information about Ford Ranger price Philippines, Vietnam, etc.

Ford Ranger Raptors

While many Ford Ranger Raptors are at a price tag of $85,490 plus tolls (or about $92,000 when driving in most states and territories) that will be “price-protected,” the cars manufactured from March 2023 will be affected by the higher price. Dealers have known that the regular Ford Ranger lineup will increase in price, but details have yet to be revealed.

For Ranger Raptors built during or after March 2023, Ford has advised dealers that they can either incur additional costs at their own expense, or pass the increase on to the customer. Or offer the customer a refund of the deposit. If buyers do not accept the new car, the price is higher.

A confidential message sent to Ford dealers says all Ranger Raptors built through February 2023 will remain at $85,490 plus shipping.

What does Ford say:

However, all Ford Ranger Raptors – called the 2023.5 model year – produced from March 2023 with a new higher price of $86,790 plus on-road costs undoutedly.

Ford says there are no mechanical or aesthetic changes to the Ranger Raptor 203.5. But there will be an electric rolling shutter option as standard equipment on the Ranger Wildtrak. The electric roller cover is listed as a $3500 factory-installed option for the Ford Ranger Raptor 203.5. And it comes with a plastic tub liner instead of a spray tank liner.

Ford says factory-installed electric roller shutters are only available from March 2023 production.

Ford says it anticipates there will be enough parts to equip one-third of Ranger Raptors with electric roller caps. As supply improves, Ford says it will have enough capacity to fit up to two-thirds of Ranger Raptors with the entry-level option.

In a separate development, Ford announced further price increases and possible spec changes for the Ranger Raptor in the second half of 2023.

Ford showrooms have advised dealers that customers who are unable to obtain a 2023 or 2023.5″. And, the Ranger Raptor model may be subject to new specifications and price changes…since the batch production August 2023.”

Ford says that because the dealers have not yet received the 2023.5 Ranger Raptors. But, there will be no price protection for this model (as of March 2023 production). Dealers realized they will need to manage existing and new customer contracts. And the number of vehicles they have in transit – to “determine the applicable pricing”.

The team also encouraged Ford showrooms to notify customers if their order changes from the 2023 model. Models are at a price tag of $85,490 to the 203.5 model with a new price of $86,790.

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