Diagnose Toilet Noises Like Whistles, Hissing, or Ghost Flushes

Diagnose Toilet Noises like Whistles, Hissing, or Ghost Flushes Image

There are many possible problems with your toilet. If your toilet makes a constant noise, it is a sign that something is not right. There are many possible reasons why your toilet is making noises when it is being flushed, or when it isn’t in use. 

What it Means When the Toilet Keeps Making Noise

It can be distressing to hear your toilet making loud, unfamiliar sounds. It can be stressful and frustrating to know when your toilet is making loud noises that warrant a plumber’s attention. We have compiled a list of common noises that can be heard from the toilet to help you identify any possible plumbing problems.

Toilet Keeps Making Noise:

There are many causes of a noisy toilet, but these are the most common.

  • Toilet valve leakage
  • The fill valve not working
  • Calcium buildup in the pipes

The first thing you should do is check the condition of the toilet valves. Toilet noises can be solved by replacing worn or damaged valves. If the toilet noise persists, contact a plumber.


Here are some common toilet noises-



Water hammer, also known as water knock, is a common complaint about toilet noises. It can also occur in other parts of your plumbing. A New York Times article explains that water hammer is a loud sound caused by:

If the toilet makes a loud, hammering sound after flushing, it could be due to the abrupt stopping of water flow. Adjust the shut-off valve to reduce the noise from the water coming out of the toilet. If this fails, you can install a regulator fill valve. This will lower the pressure in your toilet tank’s water supply.



Do not panic if your toilet makes a loud, high-pitched sound when it is flushing. This is because the tank is filling up. The ballcock valve, also known as a floating valve, is most likely to be the culprit. This is a simple and inexpensive fix. Some homeowners might opt to replace the entire thing themselves if they are able to. A qualified plumber will be able to quickly fix the problem if you’re not comfortable or have limited time. This problem is more common with toilet ballcock systems. Changing to a fill valvewhile you are there may save you the trouble of having to do it again in the future. if you want to get rid of this problem you should go for the best power flush toilet. this is the best solution.

Toilet Whistles when Flushed:


If the toilet makes an air sound or makes a whistling, hissing, or whistling sound, it is likely that the fill valve isn’t closing properly. Start by replacing the fill valve if it isn’t closing correctly. 



This noise is almost always heard in the middle or late at night. It can also happen after watching a scary movie. Your toilet suddenly starts to flush. Have no fear! The fact is that water from your toilet tank is slowly leaking out through a defective flapper. The water switches on when the float reaches a certain level and the toilet appear to flush automatically.

Put some food dye into the toilet tank to determine if the flapper is really the culprit. After waiting for 30 minutes, check to see if any food coloring has reached the bowl. If the bowl is stained, it means you have caught your ghost. You can do the job yourself, or hire a plumber to replace it for a very reasonable price.



Another common complaint is hissing, which can be attributed to a deteriorating flapper. It can also be caused when water is drained into the overflow tube. The fill valve or the toilet ballcock stops the toilet tank from running when it reaches the correct level. The overflow valve will then be filled with water if the fill valve and toilet ballcock aren’t set at the correct level. This problem can easily be fixed by ensuring that the fill valve and toilet ballcock are at a level below the overflow valve.



Because the source of a toilet’s gurgling sound is difficult to trace, it is one of the most confusing. The cause of a gurgling toilet is a blocked drain, blockage within the vent stack, or blockage inside the toilet. It is best to not attempt to fix a gurgling toilet on your own unless you are a professional plumber (which we appreciate that you are reading this article). To ensure that the annoying noise doesn’t become a plumbing nightmare, you should not use that toilet.

Toilet noise after flushing


A toilet that makes a loud noise when it is filled or flushed can be indicative of a leak, calcium buildup, or the need for a new toilet. Donley Service Center can help you if your toilet noise problem doesn’t appear to be listed. To get rid of this problem you should go for low flow toilets. This is the best option.

Toilet Makes Loud Noise Randomly


It’s possible that your toilet is making a loud, ringing sound when you flush it or whenever you use it. Most likely, the problem is a loose washer in your ballcock assembly. This is common with older toilets that have a metal ballcock-style filled valve. Replace the washer or tighten it. 

Toilets making noise when not in use


The flapper may not be working correctly and can cause the toilet to run continuously, make noises, and eventually increase your water bill. You should replace the flapper. If that doesn’t resolve the noise issue, it might be time to replace your toilet. Get in touch with a plumber.

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