Custom Hoodie For Men: A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Fit

Custom hoodies for men

Everyone needs a good hoodie, right? And if you’re a man, it’s especially important that you have one that fits well. After all, you don’t want to be embarrassed when you pull it on and realize that it barely covers your butt. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of finding the perfect hoodie for men and helping you ensure that your purchase is a perfect fit. From tailoring to fit tips and more, read on to get the information you need to make an informed decision.

What To Look For In A Custom Hoodie For Men

Looking for a custom hoodies for men that will make you look your best? Look no further than Men’s Custom Hoodies! Here, we’ll guide you through the process of choosing the perfect hoodie for your needs, based on your body type and size.

First and foremost, it’s important to figure out what type of hoodie you’re looking for. There are three main types of hoodies: sweat, zip-up, and pullover. Sweat hoodies are designed to keep you warm while working out; zip-up hoodies are worn over a shirt and can be open or closed; and pullover hoodies are worn like a jacket and can be zipped or unzipped.

Next, it’s important to consider your body type. Different body types will require different types of hoodies in order to fit properly. If you’re curvy or have an athletic build, then a sweat or zip-up hoodie will probably fit the best. If you have a more slender build or don’t work out often, then a pullover is likely better suited for you. Additionally, if you plan on wearing your hoodie outside often (in cold weather), then choose a heavier fabric option to keep yourself warm.

Finally, consider your size when choosing a hoodie. Hoodies come in different sizes depending on the brand; however, most brands offer at least one size range that is tailored specifically for men.

The Different Types Of Hoodies

There are many types of hoodies, and they come in different sizes and styles. You’ll need to decide what type of hoodie you want before you can choose the size.

Here’s a guide to help you choose the right fit for your custom hoodie:

Chest (inches)

For a standard hoodie, use measurements taken from the center of your chest. Be sure to keep the tape measure level across your chest and let it drape down your sides so that it is even with your hips.
If you’re between sizes, go with the larger size. If you’re between sizes, go with the larger size.

Shoulder To Shoulder (inches)
The shoulder to shoulder measurement should be taken from the space between your shoulder blades all the way down to the top of your shirt. Again, make sure the tape measure is level and hangs comfortably off one side so that it doesn’t restrict movement.

If you’re between sizes, go with the larger size. If you’re between sizes, go with the larger size.

Bicep Circumference (in.)
Measure around your bicep at its widest point using a flexible measuring tape or piece of string. This will give you an idea of how loose or tight your armhole should be in order for your shirt to fit well. The armhole should be large enough that you can fit two fingers inside it without having to stop or pull back

How To Measure Your Body And Choose The Right Size

If you’re looking to buy a custom hoodie for men, you’ll want to measure your body and choose the right size.

To measure your body, take a shirt that fits well and lay it flat. Make sure all the seams are aligned, then measure from the edge of one shoulder blade to the opposite edge. This measurement will give you your “armhole” size.

Next, take a piece of cloth that’s about an inch bigger than your armhole size and lay it on top of the shirt. Trace around the edges with a pencil. Cut out the traced circle and voila! You now have your “shirt size.”

To find your “hoodie size,” measure from where the neckline would be if you were wearing a shirt (or jersey) to where the bottom of your shoulders are. This measurement will give you your “shoulder seam” size. From there, use the chart below to find your “hoodie size.”

Tips For Making Sure You Get The Perfect Fit

Looking for a custom hoodie for men? Here are a few tips to help you choose the right fit:

1. Get measurements before ordering. No matter what size you normally wear, get your chest, shoulder and bicep circumference measurements and compare them to the sizing chart provided. Most hoodies run small, so it is important to order a size up from what you would usually wear.

2. Be sure to account for your body type when selecting your dimensions. Hoodies are designed to fit snugly against the body, so if you have a lot of muscle tissue or are very tall, be sure to allow for extra room in the chest and around the shoulders. On the other hand, if you are relatively thin or short, go with a smaller size so that the garment will not feel too tight around your torso.

3. Be mindful of fabrics and details when choosing a hoodie design. Featherweight materials like cotton can feel lightweight and insubstantial while heavier fabrics like wool can create an impression of bulkiness and warmth. Additionally, some designs feature intricate stitching or significant amounts of padding; these elements may be difficult to conceal if they do not fit well. Make sure to take all these factors into consideration when browsing designs online or in store.

4. Consider color selection when ordering a custom hoodie for men. Although most hoodies come in black or dark colors only, there are many striking options available in lighter shades as well as brighter


When it comes to buying a custom t shirt hoodie for men, fit is key. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of choosing the right size and style for your needs. We will also provide tips on how to get that perfect fit so that you can stay comfortable while wearing your new hoodie all day long. So whether you are shopping for a birthday present or just want to add an extra layer of warmth during winter, our guide will help you find the right product and fit for you.


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