Compulink Healthcare Solutions


Compulink healthcare solutions are tailored for small, medium, and large practices. These solutions are also designed to fit the needs of specialty practices. Compulink offers a number of solutions that can help doctors track and analyze their patients’ medical history. These include Compulink’s Ophthalmology Advantage system, Compulink’s Psych Advantage system, and Compulink’s Amazing Charts EMR.

Compulink Healthcare Solution

Compulink emr Healthcare Solutions offers a variety of specialty-specific EHR solutions. The company also partners with Promptly, a leading provider of comprehensive web-based patient experience suites. This partnership allows Compulink to offer a new suite of mobile-friendly patient engagement tools, which will significantly reduce the administrative burden on office staff. This integrated platform will allow patients to book appointments online, self-schedule, and view real-time availability.

The Compulink EHR Healthcare Solution is a cloud-based system that offers features that include practice management, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement. Formerly known as Advantage Practice Management Software, Compulink has been in operation since 1985. It pioneered healthcare software in 1994, and it is currently used by over 20,000 providers in over 4000 locations across the U.S. Its features include customizable screens, billing options, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement.

Amazing Charts EMR

The Amazing Charts EMR system is a popular EMR software that physicians, clinics, and patients leverage. It provides clinical evaluation and experimental verification in reviews, making it adaptable to varying workflows and patient needs. This system was designed by Compulink EMR, a healthcare IT company that specializes in patient care, billing, and communication.

This software is designed to streamline patient charting processes, while still keeping costs low enough for even the smallest practice. It also offers one-click access to critical patient information and eliminates the need for manual documentation. This makes it ideal for practices with limited staff. Amazing Charts EMR is available as a free trial.

Compulink’s Ophthalmology Advantage system

The Compulink Ophthalmology Advantage system is an all-in-one solution for ophthalmology practices.  The system is available in both online and desktop versions.

The Compulink Advantage system is suitable for small to midsize practices, and it is customizable to meet the needs of specialty-specific practices. IT support is available to help you implement the system. The user-friendly interface allows you to customize your program to fit your practice’s workflow and work style. It also features a complete allergy database and automated CPT and E&M coding assistance.

Compulink’s Psych Advantage system

The Psych Advantage system is a cloud-based mental health solution with integrated features from an EHR and practice management software. It streamlines daily clinical operations for both psychiatrists and therapists. The system targets small and midsize clinics in the United States. Its customers include Cognitive Care, AR Psychiatric & Counseling Center, Pathways Counseling Center, Decatur Psychological Associates, and others.

Compulink has been a pioneer of practice management solutions and specialty-specific EHRs for 34 years. With its SMART Practice platform, the company has harnessed artificial intelligence to maximize time with patients. The platform includes EHR, PM, ASC, patient engagement, and RCM.

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Nextech’s EMR system

Compulink is a cloud-based EMR that integrates with a number of diagnostic tools, including a patient portal. It also offers integrated practice management and revenue management tools. It also offers a number of patient-friendly features, such as patient-friendly visit summaries. Compulink is the market leader in ophthalmology software, and its EMR integrates features that make it ideal for busy ophthalmic practices.

The system makes it easier to find patient charts, which is especially useful for practices with multiple locations. In the past, physicians had to carry around a bin of paper charts, and this made it difficult to find them. Now, physicians can look up patient information quickly, even while on call, and the EMR has made it easier to make better decisions for patients.




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