Complete Guide On eCommerce Fulfillment & Its Scope in 2022

ecommerce fulfillment

Whether you are a business owner, a distributor or a general enthusiast of world economics, you must be aware of the recent boom in the ecommerce fulfillment market and its impact on nations across the globe. Online sales on eCommerce platforms have sky-rocketed in the aftermath of the Covid-19 era, and trends suggest its further rise to record heights in future.

Amid the drastic changes in the eCommerce market, ecommerce fulfilment services have risen manifold due to the increasing demand for eCommerce fulfilment among brands and distributors. So, what is eCommerce fulfilment and what is its scope in 2022? Keep reading to find out!

What is eCommerce Fulfillment?

ecommerce fulfilment means managing shipment orders of customers on an online store and involves receiving, storing, packaging, and shipping them. The process encompasses all the steps from placing the order to its delivery to the customers. The eCommerce sites receiving the bulk order need an efficient ecommerce fulfilment service provider for the smooth processing of their online orders.

A well-functioning eCommerce fulfilment system is crucial as it provides on-time delivery of orders and helps in better customer engagement. Hence, the success of any online business is greatly dependent on eCommerce fulfilment services.

Such services reduce overall costs, provide better customer satisfaction, and upscale businesses. Moreover, various distribution networks involved in fashion warehousing and distribution systems find it easy to automate various aspects of their fulfilment process with the help of these services, thus making their distribution process more streamlined and efficient.

The process of an efficient eCommerce fulfilment system involves the following step:

1.    Receiving Orders

Various online shopping sites usually receive their shipment orders from their website. An efficient fulfilment process helps these sites manage the orders placed by customers and process the order confirmation and payment.

2.    Inventory Storage

After customers place orders, the retailers or distributors dispatch the items that arrive at an inventory where the eCommerce company stores the items before shipping them. Giant multinational eCommerce sites accommodate the bulk of orders placed by customers in storage facilities.

3.    Picking and Packing

The next step is packing the items to deliver them safely to the customers. The eCommerce companies pack these items in the inventory or are picked up by agents from the retail stores directly before the final shipment.

4.    Shipping Orders

The final stage is shipping orders to their intended locations or addresses. The shipment process could take days to weeks depending on the order type, distance and the efficiency of the delivery of the eCommerce company.

5.    Managing Returns

Many eCommerce companies face issues while managing order returns from customers. The orders returned by customers are taken back to the inventory by the agents and may get distributed back to the retail stores or stored for future use.

The above processes require an efficient system of eCommerce fulfilment management for companies for better customer satisfaction. Therefore, hiring the right eCommerce fulfilment service provider is crucial for all eCommerce companies.

Scope of eCommerce Fulfillment in 2022

The global pandemic brought various boons and banes, and while many industries suffered during the phase, the online shopping business increased significantly. Current trends suggest this rise in demand for online purchases is here to stay even after the end of the pandemic period. As more and more people shop online, the need for efficient systems for various industries, especially the fashion and warehousing distribution industry, has also increased.

With this rise in demand, various eCommerce fulfilment services will also increase. According to studies, the global eCommerce market could reach $6.54 trillion by 2022. Moreover, with this ever-increasing demand, the scope for eCommerce fulfilment services will also grow exponentially in 2022. Businesses can immensely gain from this opportunity and invest in an efficient process of order fulfilment solutions to capitalise on this growing trend.

Key Takeaways

A structured order fulfilment solution is crucial for the success of all online businesses as the right solution reduces costs, improves client satisfaction, and improves sales. In 2022, the scope for eCommerce fulfilment solutions was positive, and this rising trend predicts the exponential growth of these services in the upcoming years. With the rise of the global eCommerce market, it’s the best time for companies to invest in an efficient order fulfilment solution.


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