6 common mistakes a dirndl dress wearer makes

dirndl dress

Every woman desires to be her stylist at Oktoberfest. It is because a dirndl dress allows you to customize your outfit. However, you cannot disrupt some customs of dirndls.

Dirndl dresses originated from a small village in Bavaria. The dress was known to be a symbol of modesty for women. It is therefore recommended not to wear it inappropriately.

If you are wearing your first appearance at Oktoberfest and wish to look distinctive, you must consider the following points. 

Typical dirndl dress blunders spotted at Oktoberfest

It is always nice to have your signature touch in dirndl dresses. However, one should be conscious not to take it too far. It might become a cause of embarrassment for the locals and you too. German dirndl dresses have gained immense popularity over time. And there is nothing wrong with customizing it to stand out. But your attire should not offend anyone at Oktoberfest. Even contemporary dirndl dresses have all elements of modernity while keeping the traditional aspect intact. Still, some beginners are often found to have the following errors in their clothing.

  1. Costume party dresses

If you’re thinking of wearing a costume party dress to an Oktoberfest, you must hold your horses! It can be the biggest blunder you will make. Oktoberfest is all about traditional German dirndls and Lederhosen. You are wrong if you think you can replace these conventional attires with party costumes. Oktoberfest is all things classic, from food to fun and music. You cannot just gatecrash it with a random dress. Women are spotted wearing short skirts with excessive cleavage dresses to save money.

Nonetheless, a  dirndl dress can be much cheaper than a formal party dress. Moreover, you can even utilize it for a formal event too. The beauty of dirndl dresses is that it offers versatility. You don’t have to revamp your whole dirndl to wear at a formal event. You can do it with a rich-colored satin apron and a lace blouse. A Dirndl is far more cost-effective than other dresses.

  1. Excessive cleavage dress

Showing off too much cleavage with a dirndl dress is the biggest turn-off. Never try to disgrace such a traditional dress. You don’t have to wear excessive cleavage to look modern. With modern dirndl blouses, you can look as fashionable as you like. The all-new lace blouses allow you to look sensual at Oktoberfest. You can have it v-neck, high-neck, heart shape neck, square, and oval neck style. It will look more appealing and elegant than other blouses. Nonetheless, you can also choose to wear a traditional cotton ruffled blouse or a plain one.

  1. 3. Long tights

Do not try to wear a dirndl dress with thigh-high tights. It can be the most foolish decision. You might think it will look cool and unique, but the truth is it will be a cause of embarrassment.

Instead, you can wear long boots with a German dirndl dress. It will look more classy and stylish without sabotaging dirndl’s authenticity. Also, German boots and pumps will be a wise choice.

  1. Too short skirts

It would be best if you never compromised on your dirndls skirt length. It will not only devalue a dirndl but also offend the natives. Your dirndl skirt should be knee-length. Anything less won’t look appropriate at formal events like Oktoberfest.

  1. ‘Beer wench’ label clothes

People often confuse Oktoberfest costumes with ‘beer wench’ clothes and consider it the same. However, things are way too different than you think because a beer wench dress is not an appropriate choice for Oktoberfest, nor is it part of it.

These off-shoulder blouses with fingertip length skirts are not a dirndl dress. 

  1. Small hats

Accessorizing your party outfit is not new. However, with dirndl dresses, you have to watch out for them. Wearing tiny hats with a dirndl dress is a big no. It might look fashionable and exquisite with other formal attire but not meant for German dirndls. 

As a substitute, you can wear Bavarian jewelry with dirndls. It will add a more traditional touch to your contemporary outfit. Also, it is nice to wear chokers and German boots to look alike. 

You can customize dirndl aprons, blouses, and skirts while ensuring that it doesn’t disrupt their traditional look. You can play around with its color contrast, fabrics, and design. 

If you think a dirndl dress is out of your reach and must wear a custom costume, look out for discounted dirndl for sale. A dirndl is designed for commoners. There is no way you can’t get a dirndl on a budget.

How to acquire dirndl for sale online?

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