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To attract customers and build their brand entity, business owners can choose to Build Gojek Clone App.
There is a growing need to complete the chores quickly. Businesses have begun entering the on-demand industry after seeing the possibility of creating an on-demand multi-services app. Making a multi-service app that serves a larger customer base is a terrific concept. To learn how to keep reading this blog.
Every consumer is unique. People differ in their preferences, expectations, and lifestyle choices. “How To Make Every Customer Happy?” – Buy Gojek Clone Source Code.
Gojek Clone supports 82+ services that handle your consumers’ daily problems. You will need something distinctive and unusual though if you want to stay ahead of the competition. Let’s now explore the features that your All One App can include.

Medical Services

With the Gojek Clone App, obtaining medical assistance is now simple, quick, and convenient with only a few touches. With this state-of-the-art medical feature, your users can connect to blood banks, on-demand ambulance services, pharmacies, and doctors who specialize in any profession nearby.
Your users may arrange online video consultations, doorstep pharmacy deliveries, and other forms of medically necessary appointments including those with veterinarians, physiotherapists, nurses, etc. with only a few taps.

Login Using Face Id and Fingerprint

The users can choose to log in using Fingerprint ID or Face ID depending on their smartphones. Thus making the login procedure easy and quick.

New UI/UX Sign-in and Signup

The revised UI/UX of the sign-in and sign-up flows places a strong emphasis on authentication using mobile numbers and OTPs. With this new method, you can log in without having to remember your username and password.

Back to Back Trips

This feature allows The Driver to receive more ride requests even while he is currently traveling. Drivers can earn more money and spend less time waiting by agreeing to these back-to-back journeys.

Multiple credit card management

Multiple credit cards can now be managed by users or providers in the apps. They are free to add and remove new cards as necessary.

Location-wise banners

The creator of the application will be allowed to design location-specific home page banners. According to the Location Address in the User Application Home Page Screen, the User will see a banner.

Free Delivery Promo Codes for Specific Delivery Stores

The Promo Code can be set by the App Owner for Individual Stores or All Stores. Free Delivery Promotional Code is toggleable. With this, the Customer will perceive Free Delivery even though the Store pays for it as part of a promotion.

Location-wise Promo-codes

The app Admin will have the ability to create a promo code specifically for the intended market. The only people who may use the promotional coupon there are locals.

Online Video Consultation

The idea of setting up a video chat session with a professional is still quite new to the market. Using Gojek Clone makes it easier to use this feature component.
The users can now opt for online video consultations that include taking an appointment and further checkups with medical professionals, attorneys, educators, personal trainers, and even astrologers.
Getting a consultation away from home shouldn’t worry you. Keep in mind that this service only accepts credit cards as payment.

Service Bid

This service can only be accessed through the KINGX 2022 App. After choosing the desired Handyman Category, users can post a task here with details about the project. Requests are distributed to all handymen in your area. The service providers will submit their bids, and the user will choose the closest offer before the auction is closed.

Delivery Genie

You can provide your customers with a level of service they have never experienced before with the Delivery Genie & Runner Feature!
Now, your clients can employ a delivery person to pick up, deliver, or fetch anything from the city on their behalf. Your Shopping List can be used to complete even basic deliveries, errands, and purchases.
Many consumers use this function frequently because it is so well-liked.

Graphical live tracking status

The app provides a live tracking graph of the ordered goods and services. This gives an ETA and shows when the orders or services will arrive at the door.

New UI/UX Sign-in and Signup

The sign-in and sign-up processes now include the cell phone number and OTP-based authentication. This technique does away with the need to remember usernames and passwords. The user’s mobile ID and cell phone number are crucial components of the new sign-in and sign-up flow’s UI/UX.

Country-wise Different Payment Gateway Support

This option is helpful when a site owner has operations in several nations and has to enable local payment processing for that nation’s banks.
Video Call Option
If necessary, users and drivers can make a video call within the app, without exchanging contact numbers.

Taxi Booking iWatch App

With the Apple Watch, customers can now order a taxi and relax during the trip. Booking a taxi is made simpler with this Apple Watch app. Customers may choose the cab type, pick-up, and drop-off locations, and pay right from their Apple Watch.

Significant Takeaways With Gojek Clone 2022 – Free Of Cost
You want to enter the on-demand market and make a reputation for yourself, and your app development company is aware of this. Therefore, Gojek Clone 2021 will contain a few essential features at no extra cost to assist you to achieve your entrepreneurial objective without breaking the bank:

25 Additional languages and currencies

The App allows you to integrate 25 additional languages and currencies of your choice. This includes English and USD –American dollars thus assisting you with a hassle-free launch globally.

2 Free annual upgrades

We recognize that updates are essential to an app’s success. We provide two annual upgrades as a result.


It enables the administrator to impose limitations on particular serviceable regions. This can be adjusted and customized appropriately.
Licensed source code
Provides licensed source code that enables unlimited customization following your business needs.

NDA Disclosure policy

There is a rigorous NDA disclosure policy that forbids mentioning your name or the name of your business. The name won’t be mentioned on the portfolio page.
2 Free annual upgrades
Modernization is essential. Two annual upgrades are provided since it enables you to keep ahead of the competition.

100% Free white labeling

After receiving your order, the staff begins the white-labeling procedure. It is published on the Google Play store and the iOS app store with your logo and brand on it.
In-App notifications
To increase visibility, you may now alert your users via an in-app notice about various promotions, new services, and promotional codes.

Payment options

Users of the app can select one of three payment options: Cash, In-app Wallet, and Credit/Debit Cards.

Fully functional website

Additionally, the team will give you access to a fully functional website that lets you book services much like an app.

One year of Bug support

The app development business will give you a product that is devoid of bugs. However, the team will provide free help for 365 days if you need bug support.

Promo codes and referral rewards

Now, you can entice more users to your Gojek clone app by providing referral bonuses in addition to promo codes that result in discounts.

Collaborating with An App Development Firm

When it comes to On-Demand Apps, you should engage the best person to design Super Apps. Select a mobile application development business that has a track record of producing effective on-demand applications for a range of services. Check through the reviews and ratings left by previous customers to be sure you’re only selecting the best.
When it comes to creating apps similar to Gojek, Gojek App Clone is a global leader. Their staff makes sure to stay on top of the newest features and cutting-edge functionality as times and trends change. Their Gojek Clone KingX 2022 is a scalable app that can manage a larger client base to provide something fresh and distinctive to their customers. Send your inquiry for something accessible at a reasonable cost.


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