Celebrating the growth of the School of Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathic Medicine
Osteopathic Medicine

On July 21. Rowan University. County. And local officials celebrated the historic opening of the Sewell Campus of the School of Osteopathic Medicine. After making remarks to the assembled crowd of staff. Students and faculty. Officials opened the new Sewell campus to 72 medical students with a traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony. The new Sewell campus is on the Rowan College of South Jersey’s (RCSJ) campus. It marks SOM’s most significant expansion since its opening 45 years ago.

Dr jay Feldman (Dean, School of Osteopathic Medicine) opened the meeting by congratulating the students and thanking all those involved, including Dr. Fred Keating (RCSJ President), the Gloucester County Commissioners, and the members of the Boards of Trustees.

Dr. Cavalieri stated that this was a genuine team effort that involved individuals from our university and our partner’s organizations. “Today, we celebrate the start of medical careers for our students and the expansion of access to health care services for thousands of South Jersey residents.”

This is the first time that a four-year medical school has been establish on a community college campus in New Jersey. The extraordinary collaboration between Rowan, RCSJ, and local and county officials creates unparalleled educational opportunities. Other allied health professionals students can also gain valuable clinical experience at Rowan Medicine offices and the SOM medical student.

Steve Sweeney, former New Jersey Senate President, said, “Too often people dismiss an idea saying it can’t/shouldcacacan’t be done, simply because it hasn’t been done before.” Sweeney is currently the chair of the Steve Sweney Center for Public Policy at Rowan University.

SOM’s vision of a single school and two campuses is complete with the Sewell location. SOM’s new medical school is located on the second floor in the 56,454-square-foot Rowan Medicine Building. It includes classrooms and a library. Problem-based learning and conference rooms are also available. SOM’s problem-based learning curriculum will provide student instruction for the first two years. The second year will include two years of clinical skills training. This is often done in Rowan Medicine’s clinical offices located on the first floor.

The SOM new campus will continue the school’s historic growth over the past decade. It will rise to meet the national physician shortage and expand South Jersey’s access to health care education.

“This is the beginning of an era in opportunity, access, and accessibility,” Dr jay Feldman, Rowan University President, said. You have taken an idea and made it a legacy. We can see the future with Virtua Health’s new partnership.

A powerful new partnership

SOM has quickly established a reputation as the best osteopathic medical school in America thanks to its growing student body, rich research component, and many highly valued affiliations with New Jersey hospital systems. The announcement further enhanced this reputation in January of a historic partnership between Rowan University and Virtua Health, improving patient care and training the future workforce.

The new Virtua Health College of Medical and Health Sciences at Rowan University was fund by a generous investment by Virtual Health, South Jersey’s most extensive health system. It includes SOM, the Virtua Health School of Nursing and Health Professionals, the new School of Translational Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, multiple research institutes, and aligned clinical practice.

Rowan University is one of the 100 most prestigious public research universities in the country. The University has increased over the past decade to become a research-intensive doctoral university with more than 23,000 students. Eight campuses have program offerings and partnerships with South Jersey’s health systems. Rowan, one of three institutions offering both an M.D. and D.O., is focused on affordability, access, quality, and economic development. D.O. a School of Nursing & Health Professions.


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