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BYJ’s early learning app

Byju’s Learning app for Early Childhood offers LIVE online classes, high resolution, live classrooms that are available for students in grades 4-10, custom learning software designed for Maths Sciences and Social Studies, and video lectures, and much more are available within this learning application.

This is among the top apps for studying for grades 4-10. The padhne wala app was designed to assist students to learn, practice, and understanding concepts easily by using engaging video lectures as well as specific learning.

BYJU’S The Learning App is the largest online learning application and is students’ favorite partner in learning with the Early Learning App!

What’s new?

There are some awesome new features to offer you in this update!

Find answers to your questions in a matter of seconds.

Are you stuck on a question? Do not worry! With the brand new “Ask an Doubt” choice, you will be able to get your questions answered anytime during the day. Take a photo of your inquiry or write it down for an immediate answer.

Are you having trouble understanding arithmetic, for instance? You’ll require math software that can help you to figure it out. This math software will give you quick answers to your queries.

BYJU’s classes benefit From Two Teachers

With our unique BYJU’S Class two-teacher model, with every class having two professors, we provide amazing opportunities to benefit from online tuition with this application.

BYJU’S: The Learning App’s Top Features

This software for studying is loaded with new features that will aid students in learning more efficiently and earning better scores. What you can expect is:

Live classes: Sign-up for BYJU’s Classes to receive live online instruction with two professors in one class. Take a free trial class.

Video clips that interact: Get access for free to over 100,000 learning videos in more than 6 languages.


Customized learning journeys are unique learning journeys that are created specifically for every kind of learner in order to fulfill their needs.

Practice unlimited: Interactive test videos, prompts for learning, and practice sessions aid students master each chapter with a systematic approach. This route Karne Wala software also has an adjustable Warm-Up Sprint, a Warm-Up, and a Race Mode.


Instant resolution of doubts Question response software includes a tool for removing doubts in a flash that instantly responds to all your questions. Questions and answers in real-time reports on progress Utilizing real-time information can evaluate your performance, strengths, and growth areas by using Ju’s early learning application.

What’s the most important aspect? Many of India’s most adored instructors, such as CEO and founder Byju Raveendran, employ high-end technology and realistic visual aids in teaching the subjects.

What’s included in BYJU’S Education App?

The HTML0 is the best software to answer questions and concerns designed for Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Learn with video lessons that are engaging with unlimited practice and individualized instruction on:


Social Studies Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics classes for grades 4-10

Boards CBSE ICSE State Boards Science for classes 4-10 History, geography, civics, and economics for grades 6-10 (Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Gujarat, Punjab, Karnataka)

BYJU’S Class – Online classes using an app

BYJU’S Class provides LIVE live online Math and Science classes to students in grades 4 to 10. A subscription is also required in order to start attending BYJU’S classes on this app for classes online.

BYJU’S Classes – The Benefit of Having Two Teachers

The class has two professors in each LIVE Class:

1) A skilled instructor instructs subjects in depth using movies-like videos.

2.) An instructor who is quick to respond to inquiries, provides individual attention and helps students enjoy learning 360deg


Each lesson is designed to aid students in learning and clarify their understanding as they practice and revise. BYJU’S Class students receive FREE access to video lessons as well as revising and practice tasks through the BYJU’S Learning App. With this classroom app online, you can also make new people in the LIVE classroom, engage in online conversations and have fun with your learning experience!


We are among the top Padhnewala Apps all over the world. Also, investigate today.

Recent Changes

Comprehensive Knowledge Graphics: The Exhaustive Knowledge graphs provide students with individualized suggestions to assist them in comprehending concepts.

Practice: For each concept, it provides an exercise, warm-up, as well as sprint modes. This unique feature lets students take tests on the speed of their learning based on their understanding level.


Live lessons BYJU professors give online classes at no cost to students from grades 4 through 12. These online programs are designed to cover all of the CBSE and State Board Math and Science curriculum. Students are able to choose from various disciplines and attend these no-cost workshops.

Tips for Retaining Dictation Words for Adults


Presently, BYJU educates over 42 million students. Every day, they devote an average of 71 mins working on the application. After using BYJU’S – The Learning App, 93 percent of parents saw an improvement in their child’s academic performance.

Distinctions and honors

  • ET is Now the Business The Leader of the Year Top Startup (2020) * VC Circle Awards for Education Company of the Year (2016 2018, 2019, 2019)
  • Indian Education Congress Edtech Company of the Year (2020)
  • Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India and Fast 500 Asia Award winner (2012 2013, 2013 2013, 2014, 2015 2016, 2017, 2019,)
  • The EY Entrepreneur of the Year (2018-2019) Startup (2018) *NASSCOM Design4India Design Award for “Best Design” Mobile Class (2018)
  • Google Design Award winner (2018)
  • The winner of the Business Standard Start-Up of the Year Award (2017) * Winner of the Express IT Awards – Individual award newsmaker of the year (2017) The winner of this award is the Amazon Mobility Awards for Established Education Applications of the year (2017) • Winner of CNBC TV18 Young Turks of the Year Award (2017) (2012 2013 (2014), 2015 2016, 2017, 2019,)

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