Best Treks To Do In India


In India to reach out to the Himalaya’s winter is the best season to start up with long Journeys. This boosts the people’s energy level to take up great challenges in their life. The people who are strong enough mentally as well as physically only have to do this. The people who want to go up have to arrange themselves moving up from one side to another of snowfall shielded hills, short routes, and deepest, fair scenic vision and amazing sunset and sunrise viewpoints that will be memorized for their lifetime. Following are the Top 7 winter Treks, which are filled with beautiful views and stunning locations.

Sar Pass Trek

A Height of 13,580 feet, to reach the distance it will take a time period of 6 days to finish the Sar pass trek. The Sar pass Trek Journey goes through different types of small rivers and suggests different kinds of land variations. Absorbing the coolness of Karol, along with the Sar Pass, Traveling, entertaining in the never-stopping grasslands of Mintaka. The Sar Pass Trek altitude provides a correct equity of land and trip and it is attractive for the newcomers.

Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedarkantha Trek has a height of 12,500 feet and consumes the time period to reach out is 6 days and plan of traveling will take on snowfall pathways to India’s winter seasonal Heaven. Here the climates decrease to -5 degrees centigrade, it will make traveling people more risky and difficult.

Brahmatal Trek

Experiencing the excitement on foot over Chilling Pond in  Brahmatal Journey. This Trek altitude of 12,250 feet consumes a time period of 5 days suggests a wonderful vision of mount Trisula and Mount Nanda Ghunti. Throughout this winter season, the trek trail area is covered with snowfall and very cold climate.

Chopta-Chandrashila Trek

The height of Chopta trek is 13,100 feet takes a time period of 4 days and is one of the most common winter treks in India. A trip to Chopta Chandrashila will ease the anxiety of viewing the biggest Shiva Temple in the world. The trek cherishes the beautiful vision of Mount Chaukhamba, Nanda Devi, and Mount Trishul. The travelers get the unbelievable experiences and fantastic adventures all over the Chopta-chandrashila area.

Chadar Trek

The altitude of 11,123 feet takes a time period of 9 days to complete the Chadar trek. Vision of greenery in the winter seasons imagination with chilled river Trek, aka Chadar Trek, Ladakh. Adventure the excitement of going on foot over the Zanskar River, views of Chilled waterfall at Nerak. The Chadar Trek analyzes the smartness of Leh in the winter season. Experience of walking is severely chilled, as the people travel in a climate condition which ranges to zero degrees centigrade.

Sandakphu Trek

A Height of 11,929 feet covers a time period of 6 days to complete this trek. Bengal peoples beloved Trek Sandakphu. The Trail of Sandakphu Trek pathway to overcome the biggest Mountain of West Bengal, looking at 4 out of 5 world’s biggest Mountain hills. In addition to Mount Everest, include the excitement of walking through the Indo-Nepal Borderline. People will get a chance only once to visit Land rover and so many along with the Sandakphu trip. The Complete trip is under the Singalila National Park a Biodiversity center which energies various living birds and Red coloured Panda is unique but not unachievable to view.

Triund Trek

A height of 9,350 feet, to reach the distance it will take a time period of 2 days to finishthe triund trek. It is correct Trek to plan for the weekend to engage oneself in enjoying the holiday Trip traveling to Himalayas. Beginning from the Moustache Mcleodganj lodging, Triund journey trails on the Strong concrete way with a slow climbing. Relish the Triund Campaign in the high altitude shelters with amazing vision of Dhauladhar area. It is one of the smallest and smoother Treks in Himalayas with wonderful vision and a charming vision of Snowfall Shielded Dhauladhar area and Kangra valley.

Kheerganga Trek

A height of 9,700 feet, to reach the distance it will take a time period of 2 days to complete this Trek. Even Though the Kheerganga Travelling is a complete seasonal trip, in addition Kheerganga trek has its own benefits in the winter season. Trek at that period of the year when people should not worry about the sound pollution of the travelers all over the Kheerganga Trek range. People can take some good photographs of amazing views at the Kheerganga Height. Travelers have to remember they have to enjoy the snowfall, the reason is they will find the heavy snowfall at the time of winter season.



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