Best Payday Loan Apps for Cash Advance


In the midst of a seemingly routine day, disaster strikes: your automobile breaks down. Upon receiving your electricity bill, you see that it’s far more than usual. You are getting ill without warning.

You owe it to an old buddy to take them out for a nice night of fun. You’re short on cash, and payday is still a long way off.

Advance loan platforms comes into play here. These advance loan apps offers interest-free cash advances to help you get through tough times financially without drowning in debt. Regardless of how well-liked and handy some of the popular ones might be, it may not be the best option for you personally.

Cash advances and personal loans of greater magnitude may be what you’re looking for. It’s possible that you don’t want to be required to pay a membership fee each month in order to be eligible for an advance.

It’s also possible that you don’t want to deal with Dave’s typical 3-day processing time when you need money right now. In light of these considerations, it is imperative that Dave’s situation be examined in greater detail.


  1. Chime

After operating as an online bank account for almost 10 years as a provider of services such as direct deposit, money transfers, check sending and payment, Chime is now offering a cash advance on your paycheck for times when you are short on finances.

If you’re a Dave customer, you’ll be charged $1 per month for the privilege of keeping your account active, while Chime is absolutely free of charge. All fees, including transaction and minimum balance fees, are completely eliminated.

  1. Earnin

Payday can come any day of the week with Earnin, as long as you have enough money in the bank. The site allows you to borrow $100-$500 per day from your unpaid wages, without the high fees and interest rates associated with traditional payday loans.

Simply open the Earnin app and tell it where you work or even where you deposit, and it’ll use location settings or timesheets to compute how often time you spend at work that day.

Now multiply the number of hours that you put in by your hourly rate and Earnin will pay you within one to 2 working days, or instantly if you use the Lightning Speed function.

  1. Axos Bank

Axos Bank is a banking institution that works in a similar way to Dave, allowing customers to obtain their wages more quickly. This service is available to all Axos Bank customers who open a high-yield saving and checking account.

This allows you to get a head start on the money you’ve already earned, even if the check doesn’t arrive until days later. Set up a direct payment for your accounts and Axos will take care of the rest for you.

  1. Brigit

Brigit, a cash advance app like Dave, is one of the greatest options available to you. Basically, you can borrow money and then pay it back with the money you’ll receive in your next paycheck.

Brigit, on the other hand, offers a maximum cash advance of $250, regardless of whether you have a Dave budgeted amount or not. In addition, you won’t be penalized or charged a late fee if you extend the due date of your initial loan once with Brigit.

There are more extension credits that can be used to postpone loan payback up to three times in a row, the more you utilize the service. Brigit, like Dave, charges a membership fee, but the costs and perks are vastly dissimilar.

  1. Money Lion

Money Lion is a similar cash advance app like Dave that you can use when you have unexpected bills that need to be paid.

Instant loans of up to $250 are available based on the amount of money you earn and deposit into your bank account each pay period.

MoneyLion’s cash advance process is a few days quicker than Dave’s. If you have a RoarMoney account, you can get the money right away or within a few hours.

  1. Empower

You don’t want to deal with high interest rates or late fees, but you need a rapid cash advance. Pay your payments and costs on time using Empower, which can provide you with a one-time loan of $250.

For a nominal price of $3, you can have your loan funds transferred to an external bank account after you submit an application on the Empower platform. Empower’s Early Paycheck Deposit option allows you to obtain your money two days earlier than normal.

It is one of the greatest cash advance applications like Dave that are now available on the market. Faster access to salaries, regular expenditure reports, and reminders about approaching bills are all features included in the program.

Employers with a large number of unbanked or underbanked workers will find this platform particularly beneficial. They get a debit card and a free digital account as a result.

  1. Daily Pay

If you’re seeking for an app like Dave that can assist you address urgent financial issues while you’re short on cash, DailyPay is one of the greatest possibilities.

You can save more than $1,205 in late payments, loan interest, and late penalties if you use DailyPay to get an advance on your wages before your next payday.

Your daily earnings will be deposited into your DailyPay account as soon as you clock in. Every time you make a withdrawal from your bank account, DailyPay will remove the amount from your paycheck.

  1. Even

Whatever your financial needs are, Even is here to help you cope with them quickly by providing you with access to quick cash whenever you need it. Cash loans are given a new twist by the service, which advances money from your overdue earnings.

  1. Varo

Varo is a powerful digital banking service. Enables access to advance payment before your salary arrives, so you don’t have to deal with the typical delays that come with local banks.

Set up a  direct deposit and you’ll be able to take out as much as you like from your paychecks in advance.



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