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Angry Birds Journey MOD APK

Angry Birds Journey MOD APK, Rovio Entertainment’s known initially as Angry Birds Casual, is a slingshot puzzle game published in March 2020. The Angry Birds series’ nineteenth entry and the eleventh incorporate slingshot gameplay angry birds 2 mod apk.

In December 2020, this game was withdrawn from the Google App Store and Play and renamed Angry Birds Journey. On January 14, 2021, the game was officially re-released on Google Play. Unfortunately for Asian gamers, the game is only accessible in North America and a few European nations for now. But don’t worry; you can get the MOD APK file from APKNETS.COM and install it on your device to play anywhere and whenever you want.

How do you like to play?

Angry Birds Journey, as previously said, is a slingshot game. Players must drag the rubber piece with the birds on it to aim at the target. Each component of the tournament has its own collection of situations and tasks, such as:

The First Chapter: Ruins of Antiquity

Chapter 2 of Crystal Mountains

Chapter 3 of Gaia’s Challenge

Furthermore, the publisher plans to introduce a new part with more challenging difficulties for gamers.

What does Angry Birds Journey different from previous Angry Birds games?

The stages in Angry Birds Journey cannot be repeated, a change from previous games. The star rating was so deleted. The game also uses the graphical style of Angry Birds Dream Blast, a match-3 puzzle game in the Angry Birds series. Compared to slingshot games, the angry birds game claims to give fresh experiences for players.

Not only have the birds’ looks altered but so has their usage of their abilities. The power is instantly triggered when they come into touch with the Piglets’ stronghold. Players may no longer activate birds’ abilities by tapping the angry birds 2 mod apk screen, as they could in Angry Birds 2.

Our birds have another objective besides defeating the nasty blue pigs: to rescue the Hatchlings.

Each bird’s strength

You may still encounter the charming birds, the well-known Angry Birds characters. In contrast, Angry Birds Journey features a fresh model. After each turn, the player’s energy will be replenished. When the energy bar is full, the birds grow more robust and do more damage. Here is information about each bird’s specific abilities: Angry Birds Mod Apk

Chuck: If he gets into touch with the stronghold, he will clone and fly another section, causing damage to every structure. It passes by angry birds mod apk.

When a bomb comes into touch with an object, it explodes and does damage all around it.

Silver: After crumbling, Silver will infiltrate the buildings underneath and do damage to furious birds’ rio.

Stella: When Stella collides, she creates a bubble that raises everything that comes into touch with it. Everything will fall to the ground after 1.5 seconds, with furious birds sketching.

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After striking the stronghold, Red starts a riot, bashing into five random targets and inflicting damage on them.

Hatchlings were also featured in the game. The birds are imprisoned in iron cages by swarms of ferocious Piglets. They must save. Several Hatchlings were likewise encased in ice. The light must destroy the surrounding obstacles for it to melt the ice cube.

The opponents are still Piglets, but the pigs in Angry Birds Journey are more infantile. Piglets in furious birds go come in two varieties, each with a distinct look that includes shapes and circles. Don’t be misled by their cute look; these piglets are rather mischievous and destructive!

Aesthetics Angry Birds Journey’s visuals do not disappoint, even if the image has become much more complex than in previous games. The aesthetic of Angry Birds Blast makes the characters more attractive and brings them closer to the player.


The journey to defeat charming pigs has become more complex as they were precisely crafted for Helmet Pig by Angry Birds Journey. As a consequence, the game becomes more difficult when you force them to remove their helmets to put them in the cart. With the assistance of this unusual helmet, the pigs may pass your shots, crash down, and yet be safe, easily survive, and evade capture.


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