What’s In A Name: Why ‘Aardvark’ Is Such An Um… Words


What’s In A Name: Why ‘Aardvark’ Is Such An Um… Words

Oxford Dictionaries explains that the word “aardvark” comes from the Afrikaans word “aartvark” and derives from the Proto-Germanic words “*ar’tra-” meaning earth, and “*fraq-” meaning to dig. As it turns out, the name Aardvark was actually chosen from 1,000 names of animals suggested by kindergarten children during a naming competition!

Why ‘Aardvark’ Is Such An Um… Words

The average person has about 25,000 words in their vocabulary. But what do you call a creature with no legs?

There are some truly ugly cats out there. Some of them are so ugly, you wouldn’t even want to pet them. Others may just be plain weird looking, but none of them are particularly attractive. Regardless of their looks, these are some of the ugliest cats in the world.
The word aardvark is believed to come from the Afrikaans word “aardvark,” meaning “earth pig.” The first written record of the word was in 1652.

The Origins of the Aardvark

The aardvark is one of the most common and recognizable mammals on the planet. But where did this peculiar creature get its name?

According to folklore, the aardvark is named after a Welsh god known as Arawn. Arawn was a fearsome deity who defended the earth against evil forces. One day, Arawn’s head was smashed open by a rock, and his brains spilled out onto the ground. The brains became mud, and from this mud, sprang up the first aardvark. Thus, the aardvark is known as an “earthworm animal.”

While this story is likely apocryphal, it does provide us with an interesting origin story for one of the world’s most common creatures. And if you’re ever in Wales (or anywhere else in Europe), be sure to check out some of the country’s famous castles – like Aberystwyth or Caerphilly – which are home to magnificent defenses dating back to Arawn’s time!

Myths About the Aardvark

The aardvark is one of the most common animals in the world and one that you might be familiar with. But what do people really call this creature? Well, there are a lot of myths and legends about the aardvark, which can make it an interesting animal to learn about.

One popular myth is that the aardvark is named after the Dutch word for ant, arndt. However, this is not true. The name actually comes from the Afrikaans word aardappel, which means apple. Another myth is that the aardvark is named after the African country of Aarde because of its black and white markings. However, this too is false. The black and white markings on an aardvark’s back are actually due to dark pigment on its fur and lighter pigment on its belly.

So what does the aardvark actually stand for? The truth is that no one knows for sure, but some theories suggest that it could be derived from words like ‘hard’ or ‘earth’. Alternatively, it could be based on words like ‘ear’ or ‘vard’

The Evolution of Animals and Why We Keep Calling Them by Their Names

Animals have been around for tens of millions of years, and their names have changed along with them. In this blog post, we’ll explore how the evolution of animals has led to the naming convention we use today. We’ll talk about why “Aardvark” is such an unusual name, and why animals like camels and elephants are called by their specific names. We’ll also go over some animal nicknames that might surprise you!

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Aardvarks are one of the many animals that have a name with three syllables. While the truth about kangaroos isn’t quite as interesting as some people would like to believe, there is some truth to it. Kangaroos do have a third eye, or ophthalmicis, under their ears!


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