8 Reasons for Choosing Spray Seal Services

Spray Seal Services

Compared to utilising asphalt or other types of pavement, bitumen spray sealing is a rapid and affordable solution to resurface a road, driveway, or parking lot. According to the best industrial concreting company experts, the most popular type of road surface in Australia is bitumen spray sealing since it is convenient and can be used for various paving applications. It is mainly used for roads, highways, car parks, driveways, bike paths, and more.

A base coat is sprayed on the road or pavement surface, followed by a layer of aggregate (14 mm) that is covered and rolled into the bitumen surface. A second (7mm) complete application is then utilised to lock in the first layer before applying a top layer. As a result, any paved surface will last longer because it will be waterproof, skid-resistant, and highly functional.

Driveways with bitumen spray-sealing typically last 7 to 15 years, depending on maintenance, traffic, and weathering. Hiring experts who also perform asphalt repairs can help you get the best results of spray seal. It’s crucial to periodically maintain and restore all bitumen and asphalt surfaces by resealing your road, driveway, or parking lot with a bitumen spray seal. Spraying bitumen on a paved area has several advantages. Here are the top benefits –

Advantages of Using Bitumen Spray Seal

1. New Surface Appearance

Weathering and frequent sun exposure can cause stains to discolour or fade old paving. These previous discolourations get covered by a thin bitumen layer used for sealing, giving the paving a black colour and eliminating all apparent stains. The paved surface looks more likeable as a result. If a driveway or private access road is sealed, your home and property will look better due to the improved paving appearance.

2. High Water Resistance

Water absorption is one of the primary mechanisms by which pavement develops cracks, potholes, and other weathering damage. The majority of paving allows some modest amounts of water to pass through. Applying a bitumen seal over the paving’s surface creates a watertight seal that will withstand years of use without allowing any water to penetrate and cause damage.

Choosing a professional concreting expert who excels at asphalt repairs can help you make your pavement last longer. When water starts soaking into the paving again rather than beading on top of the bitumen seal, it’s time to reapply the seal.

3. UV Protection

According to the best industrial concreting company, the sun blazing down on your paving all day long damages the surface. The UV radiation damages the binders that keep everything together and gradually dries up the pavement. It will eventually lead to weak, disintegrating pavement vulnerable to cracks and other harm. Bitumen seals shield surfaces from UV ray damage because they frequently include binders that assist reflect UV rays. 

4. Minor Damage Repair

The application of a bitumen seal won’t close up significant fissures or holes. If performed by the best industrial concreting company, it will fill in the tiny cracks that could start to appear in the paving. It will prevent more water from getting into the cracks and causing them to expand, in addition to improving the aesthetic of the paved area.

5. Better Surface Grip

A fresh coat of bitumen on a paved surface increases grip, reducing the risk of skids and slides. When it’s rainy, old pavement might feel slick beneath the tires. In rainy weather, when sliding on a private road or when one pulls onto a driveway is significantly more usual, increased traction is beneficial.

6. Quick and Easy

The industrial concreting company’s professionals say that spray seal is quick and straightforward, unlike other products. Bitumen usually requires some preparation time, whereas a spray seal is ready to use immediately. You may be sure that it is safe because it is made of non-chlorinated solvents and contains no toxins.

The spray seal will produce a stable, firm coat within two hours of application. The bitumen coating will have sealed entirely and created a lasting bond within 12 to 24 hours.

7. Waterproof

You can prevent future issues with water getting under the surface of the seal and impairing its integrity by waterproofing the afflicted region.

You shouldn’t worry if water is frequently present due to your climate. A sprayed seal actively functions the best to restrict water from entering, and underneath the seal, it is forming since it is resistant to the passage of humidity.

8. Multipurpose Usage

You frequently need to be careful with the product you use for each surface because certain products only operate on specific surfaces. This problem can be solved with the help of a spray seal performed by a professional industrial concreting company. The spray is meticulously designed to function on various surfaces, including PVC or aluminium tube gaskets vents in automobile scaffolding patio surfaces and fractures in the walls.

Contact Professional Contractors 

Most concreting companies say that spray seal is one of the most chosen services. People opt for it because of its versatile nature and ability to maintain their driveway and pavements. It is robust enough to be utilised on busy roadways, as well as on driveways and parking lots.

If you are contemplating spray seal services, hire the best industrial concreting company. The experts will ensure that the work gets done professionally and perfectly. So, get in touch with your local concrete experts, consult, and make your driveway or any surface new as before.


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