7 Ways to Extend Your Car’s Life Advice by Expert Car Service Providers


Understandably, buying a car is a huge investment for an average person. It is such an expensive investment that we want to reap the benefits for as long as we can. Hence, we must take all the steps necessary to prolong our car’s life.

It is a fact that initially when our car is new, we pay the utmost care to it. However, as time goes on, we tend to become rather inconsiderate towards our cars. Practices like regular car service are often overlooked as they are thought to be of no use as time passes. But the case must be the opposite. We should go for regular car servicing and take care of it to maintain its good health and its performance.

Moreover, any small car damage doesn’t take much time to be as bigger as life-threatening. Therefore, you must take proper care of your car to save the car as well as lives. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Tips That Will Help to Extend the Life of Your Car:

Here, we have shared seven tips that will help you do your best in extending your car’s life, and don’t worry it’s not all about taking your vehicle to the car service station.

#1. Don’t run a cold car:

Although you don’t need to wait too long before starting your car to move, you must wait while the engine of your car warms up. On the contrary, you could just drive at a moderate speed until the engine reaches operating temperature.

#2. Read the user’s manual:

Every car comes with a user manual that is often neglected. It is hardly ever read by anyone, which is a grave mistake. Every car manual comes with a whole guide for the proper maintenance of your car. This guide is a reliable manual to care for your car and gives you an indicator of how often you need to go to the car service.

#3. Minimize sun damage:

Believe it or not, your car also faces damage caused by the harmful sun rays. This is why it is important to keep your car out of the sun as much as possible. This helps preserve the interior of your car as well as exterior color and shine. This way you can save quite a bit on car service costs.

#4. Keep an eye on your fuel and coolant:

If you keep a regular check on your fuel and coolant’s condition you can know instantly if there are any leaks or damages. Also, you can know it in the initial stages in case there are any problems caused by low levels of fuel or coolant and you can seek solutions to them immediately.

#5. Look out for the check engine light:

You might overlook the check engine light that comes on when you turn on your car. Smells and strange noises coming from the engine are often ignored too. However, when you notice this light flashing, it is worth it to get an expert at the car service to check it out in case there are any damages. Fixing anything at its initial stage is better than having to pay a fortune to correct major faults.

#6. Get insurance:

Having car insurance is extremely important since you need to be prepared in case of an accident. Sure, you are a very safe driver, but you never know when an accident will occur, and being ill-prepared for such incidents can prove to be a burden in emergencies. While a bad situation, your insurer can take care of the damages to your car and repair everything while you take care of everything else.

#7. Regularly clean the insides too:

The interior of your car can get quite dirty as well due to everyday use. This can be very much harmful if you have children and kids in your car on a journey. Therefore, every time you wash your car or take it to the car service, make sure to vacuum and sponge everything on the inside as well. Not only will it look brand-new and shiny, but it will also be more hygienic for you to use.


As it is huge money you invest in your car, extending the life of your car as much as possible is, of course, a much-wanted thing. Make sure to follow all the tips discussed in this article, if you want to use your vehicle for the longest time possible.


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