7 Tips For A Comprehensive Social Media Event Strategy For 2022


Nowadays, standing out from the crowd requires more than just having a social strategy for events. However, having a superb one will.

Whether your event is online, offline, B2C, or B2B, there are many methods to make it stand out on social media. Learn how to use social media effectively and produce quality content through the tips we will mention in this social media event strategy. So, without waiting any further, let’s get on with it!

7 Tips For A Comprehensive Social Media Strategy For 2022

1. Clarify Your Audience And Social Media Platform

Clarification is really important before starting a task. So is the case while creating a comprehensive social media strategy for 2022. The first step is to identify the audience you want to cater to in your content. The audience is the core around which your social media strategy revolves. Decide what age group of people would provide you with the desired returns, and then go about your game.

Along with your target audience, deciding the ideal social media platform is also important. The social media platform that would relate to your target audience on social media would boost your marketing objectives like no other.

2. Send Out Testimonials

A social media aggregator can be used to find attendees’ reviews. Use ecstatic Tweets, captions on Instagram, and Facebook ruminations to discover first-person responses to your activities.

You can use those endorsements in advertising for your upcoming event. Again, this is a fantastic chance to interact with your supporters and make them more visible to their network. According to research from SurveyMonkey, consumers are five times more likely to be persuaded by unknown internet influencers than by their family and friends. Therefore, the genuine testimonials of a participant are incredibly useful and should be made available to their network.

3. Engage User-Generated Content

You would want the awareness of your event spread like wildfire. User-generated content is your best tool in this quest of yours. User-generated content is the present and future of online marketing as it is authentic and reliable. Nothing beats it since it comes straight from the customers who have already used it. Trust plays a crucial role in making people believe that the event they attend will be worth their time.

Word-of-mouth marketing is another benefit that user-generated content brings to the table. People love to share posts with their friends and family, so they would share your event’s posts with them, asking them to join them and spreading the word about your event. Plus, on top of all this, user-generated content is cost-effective and does not require too much investment.

4. Use Live Streaming

The popularity of live broadcasting is rapidly increasing on Facebook and Youtube. According to Emarketer, individuals will averagely view digital videos for 92 minutes each day by the year 2020. Furthermore, according to Facebook, consumers watch a video three times longer when it is life than when it is not.

Even while live streaming is possible, you should consider other alternatives, like post-keynote interviews. In addition, the “red carpet” area is where VIPs can enter.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are easily one of the best ways to connect with your customers and extend event invitations. Email marketing is the most used event marketing tactic among persons who frequently host events, with a market share of 70%.

6. Hashtag Campaign

Hashtags are the language of social media platforms, whether LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter. Hashtags are paramount that boost people’s engagement like no other. So, how can you use it for your social media marketing campaign?

The steps are quite simple:

  • Firstly, come up with a relevant, memorable, and easy-to-remember hashtag. The hashtag should have the essence of your event in it. If it is related to the music, you can choose something like Sunburn #Sunburn2022. You got the gist!
  • Secondly, promote this hashtag organically on the social media that you have chosen. Put it in your social media bio, add countdown timers as stories, create social media, and send DMs. You want more and more people to be aware of your event.
  • Lastly, you can promote your social media event by holding a contest or giveaway. By organizing a social media contest, you ask the participants to create user-generated content (which will discuss in the next point) for you in exchange for goodies and swags. This user-generated content will circulate across the social media platform, boosting the presence of your social media event.

7. Pull crowd through pop-ups & landing pages

You can definitely use pop-ups and landing pages to generate people’s interest in your social media event. However, pop-up notifications are the best for reminding people about your event.


On the other hand, landing pages are terrific in giving your audience a direction to land on your social media page. In addition, they can help you convert your website, and visitors, into social media event attendees.

Wrapping Up!

Social media events are terrific ways to boost your customer base. So if you are going to organize a social media event shortly, then this social media event strategy would terrifically serve you.


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