7 must-visit attractions in the city of Gold


UAE happens to be one of the countries that have defied their geographical challenges as well as turned them into their power. Dubai- the city of gold is one of the seven emirates which has been leading by example by being one of the rare middle east countries. Dubai city is a trade hub thanks to its forward thinking, modern culture as well as open minded policies.

Undoubtedly, Dubai is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. The long sandy beaches, luxurious dining options, magical views, as well as and overall memorable experiences are some of the highlights the city offers. Along with this, the city also offers adventure lovers and thrill-seekers. Let’s have a look at some of the must-visit attractions in the city of Gold.

  1. The Burj Khalifa

If you get a thrill out of heights, the Burj Khalifa must be included on your bucket list. It is one of the world’s tallest structures offering the spectacular view of Dubai with its 360-degree angle. For an ultimate experience, you can get a ticket to it’s observation desks located on 124th and 125yh floor of the building. Watch the sunset hues from the highest point and feel lucky to be there.

  1. Yacht rental Dubai Marina

Are you visiting Dubai for the first time and looking for some of the enjoyable ways to make your day special and memorable? If yes, just book a yacht by malayachts.ae and let the party begin. It’s fascinating to know that Dubai Marina is the hub of yacht offering every size as per your requirement. Yacht charter Dubai is one of the most favorite activity in Dubai Marina. Just sit back and relax. Have fun on the yacht, enjoy a delicious meal with live music and spend some of the best moments of your life in a style.

  1. Dubai Frame at sunset

Dubai Frame- sitting slap-bang between Dubai’s older neighborhoods as well as the city’s modern sprawl is ginormous 150-meter-high picture frame offering the most amazing views of the city.  Inside, there’re series of galleries whisk you through the city’s history. Dubai Frame also allow you explore Emirati heritage before you up to the Sky Deck. Have fantastic panoramas of both old and new Dubai on the viewing platforms. Afterwards, you can also check out Future Dubai gallery imagining what a futuristic vision of the city.

  1. Dubai Mall Aquarium

Adventure lovers always seek for something daring as well as fun. A visit to the Dubai Mall and Underwater Aquarium is thrilling and exciting experience. it’s fascinating to know that, Dubai aquarium and underwater is a home to some of the most beautiful marine wildlife offered by the nature. If you’re visiting the Dubai Mall with your kids, must visit this place for enjoyment, knowledge, and fun.

  1. Must visit Dubai Beaches

Thanks to its surf and prevailing wind, he Umm Sequim Beach is Dubai’s top spot for. Dubai beaches are home to an array of water sports operators, kite surfing lessons, with paddle boarding and kayak rental. This long stretching yellow-sand beach sweeps south along the coast along with plenty of space for sunbathers for swimming and soaking up the rays on the sand. Dubai is blessed with warm water offering amazing opportunities for watersports. Most importantly, public beaches are the cheapest way to have fun in the middle of sea.

  1. Sky dive at the Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeriah- one of the largest man-made islands is not only extremely beautiful but also offers multiple activities and fun things to do. Skydiving over Palm Jumeirah is an activity giving you an experience of a lifetime.  Enjoy a bird’s-eye views of the city’s skyscraper coastline, as well as the artificial islands of Palm Jumeirah, overe3,900-meter-high plunge. Moreover, if you want desert dune scenery, Skydive Dubai also offers a separate tandem-skydiving experience in the desert. However, it’s around 35 kilometers away out of the city.

  1. Hot Air Balloon ride

The Hot Air Balloon ride in Dubai is one of the fascinating ways to see the beautiful sunset. the entire experience is very thrilling as well as peaceful since you will be soaring across the desert. Spend the ideal time with your loved ones and have panoramic views of endless- vast sand everywhere.



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