7 Marketing Ideas for Flooring Businesses



When it comes to marketing for your flooring business, there are many different ways to go about it. Some people prefer to use traditional methods like email marketing and social media advertising while others prefer more unique approaches like video or photography content creation. Whatever method you choose should be based on the type of business you’re trying to grow and how much money you have available for marketing efforts.

Have a contest for customers.

Contests are a great way to get your customers involved in the process. They can be used as an opportunity for them to win something they want or need, but they can also serve as a great way to build brand loyalty by giving away something that’s valuable without you having to put any money into it.

You may want to consider offering a prize like:

  • A gift card from an online retailer (eBay, Amazon) or local service provider (restaurant or spa) who has partnered with you
  • Gift certificates from local businesses
  • Tickets for concerts/events

Offer discounts for referrals.

Offer discounts for referrals.

This is a great way to get past the initial hurdle of getting someone to trust you and your company with their money. You could offer a discount if they sign up for a newsletter, mailing list or social media account.

Create a coupon code for your flooring business.

You can create a coupon code for your flooring business. This is a great way to give a discount on your flooring business and/or to refer customers who purchase from you. Here’s how:

  • Create an email newsletter that followers will receive in their inboxes every week or two with helpful tips, advice, and resources related to the industry at large. Make sure that this content is always relevant—don’t forget about changes in regulations or legislation!
  • Include links where people can find out more information about what you do (e.g., website), so they know where else they can go if they’re interested in learning more about what goes into installing floors professionally without breaking the bank!

Host an event to drive traffic to your store.

If you have the opportunity to host an event, consider doing so. While there are many options for hosting events, here are some ideas that might be helpful:

  • Host a party. If people come into your store and want to purchase flooring products, why not throw them a party? You could even offer free admission if they bring in friends or family members who also want to see what’s available in your store. The best thing about hosting parties is that it allows customers who haven’t been in before to see how beautiful their floors will look when installed on their home or business space! This gets them excited about purchasing from you because they know how much better it will look than other options out there right now (or at least until they find another option even better).
  • Host a workshop/training session/conference call/seminar etcetera…if this isn’t something specific enough yet but still applicable then feel free! Just make sure not everyone needs one though because that might turn into too much work; otherwise go ahead 🙂

Hire a freelancer to create content that will drive people to your website and social media channels.

  • Create engaging content. This could be a blog post, video or infographic that you create yourself and share on social media. You can also hire freelancers to do this for you if their rates are lower than yours!
  • Relevant content for your audience. If people are interested in flooring, make sure the message is relevant to them and easy to understand so they’ll want to check out more of what you have to offer!
  • Easy sharing options. Make it easy for consumers and potential customers by posting in places where they’d likely see it (Google+, Facebook etc). If possible add links back into the article so users don’t need any special software installed on their phones/tablets before reading through all of it!

Organize an exhibit of your work at a local fair or trade show.

You can organize an exhibit at a local fair or trade show to demonstrate your work and get people interested in it. Here are some things to consider:

  • What kind of display do you need? A large table or wall will be best if you’re selling samples, but if all that’s available is a small chair, it might be better to bring along some other items such as brochures or samples so that people can peruse everything while they wait for their turn at the counter.
  • How should we promote this exhibit? We recommend using social media (Twitter, Facebook) as well as flyers handed out by volunteers at the event itself. Make sure that anyone who stops by knows what’s going on so they’ll come back again!

Post videos on YouTube or Vimeo showcasing the latest innovative solutions you offer.

Videos are a great way to get people to your website. They can be used to showcase your company’s values, products and services.

If you have an innovative idea that will help customers save money on their floors, video is the perfect medium for showcasing the solution. You can create short videos with simple talking heads or full-length ones with animation or even live action footage of your workers doing what they do best so that customers get an idea of how well they work together as a team.


If you’re thinking about getting into the flooring business, there are many ways to do so. The key is to start small and then grow as needed. You don’t have to go all-in on marketing right away—start by focusing on a few things that work for you first, and then expand from there!


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