6 Rules to Follow While Dining at a Restaurant

Essendon restaurant

Have you ever gone to a fancy Essendon restaurant and felt out of place? 

It happens to everyone at some point in their life. It doesn’t mean you are lacking in any way but just unprepared. And of course, you get better with experience. 

Many people talk about table manners and dining etiquette; however, only a few follow them when the time comes. The problem is that some people get too comfortable, and some go back into their shells. Both are counter-productive to a good dining experience, especially in business dinners. 

So, learning proper dining etiquette is essential. Here are some tips to follow while dining at an Essendon restaurant

1. Dress for the occasion

There’s a reason why people say ‘dress for the occasion’. It gives you confidence and makes the whole experience complete. So, put a little effort into what you wear for your dinner reservation. 

Imagine you had a business lunch in Essendon and you showed up in torn jeans and a quirky t-shirt. Do you think it’ll do justice and lay a good impression? Of Course not!

So, make sure you always dress right, and if you don’t, there’s a chance that your company might think you are undermining the importance of the meetup. 

2. Keep the distractions off

The first thing most people do when they arrive at a restaurant is fish out mobile phones from their pockets and place them on the table. And worse, start texting while dining. This is something that distracts you from a good conversation with your company. 

Replying to an email or a message can wait until after. If it’s important, excuse yourself and try to be quick with it. 

And one more thing is not to scatter all your belongings (keys and wallets) on the table. It’s distracting and clumsy. 

3. Wait until everyone is served

Don’t start eating before everyone is served. When the waiter starts serving the food one by one, you shouldn’t eat first, even if you’ve already been served. Wait for everybody to begin. Remember, when you are at a restaurant with family or colleagues, it’s a collective experience. 

If at all you need to return a dish that is not properly cooked, then inform the rest of your company that they may continue eating without you. It’s considered a polite gesture. 

4. Don’t shout “Waiter!”

One of the biggest blunders you can make is loudly calling out a waiter. It’s not proper, and, in a way, disrespectful to him. Remember to steer clear of impolite gestures and shouting. 

Instead, make eye contact with them to subtly indicate that you require something. You can also raise your hand in their direction if eye contact doesn’t do it. 

You can also ask them questions but bear in mind that if some cuisines aren’t to your liking, it’s probably not the waiter’s fault. 

5. Decide about the bill in advance

Often, during family or business dinners, we see a bit of tug-of-war about who’s going to pay the bill. It may create a scene in the restaurant. So, try to avoid that, especially in front of the waiter.

If you’re the dinner party host and want to pay for everyone’s meal, let the waiter know beforehand that you should get the check. You may even give the waiter your credit card in advance if you like.

On the other hand, if you are going to split the bill, you should also tell the waiter about it. You can also ask him if it’s possible to track what each person has ordered and to bill accordingly. 

Whatever the case, it’s best to speak with the waiter ahead of time. 

6. Offer a generous tip

The final rule of proper dining etiquette is to tip the waiter. So, don’t skimp on it at your next reservation for lunch in Essendon

Based on the restaurant, your waitstaff may not be paid on an hourly basis, so they expect tips from the customers. Tipping etiquette may differ from place to place, but generally, it’s good to tip 15 to 20% for good service and 25% for exceptional service.

There you go!

You are now well prepared for your next dining experience at an Essendon restaurant with these 6 dining etiquette rules.

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