6 Gold Bullion Options to Purchase


This is a good time to buy and build your stock of precious metal bullion and look for gold for sale. As the war rages in Europe and the fuel prices are skyrocketing, the US Dollars is also feeling the heat of the global unrest. Furthermore, even as international trade is opening, many countries are facing a massive economic slowdown caused due to the pandemic lockdowns. The share markets are widely fluctuating. This is a good time to pick shares for those who have capital and want to venture into some risky investments. However, it would be wise to create a hedge to offset any chances of loss arising from the investments.

Gold for a hedge investment

A good alternative will be to “find bullion dealers near me” and stock up on precious metals bullions. You can buy gold, silver, platinum, or palladium coins or bars in any size t for diversification and insurance of your portfolio. For the longest time gold has held an allure over human civilization and held a place as the mark of wealth. Even today the national banks of several countries hold sizeable gold reserves and continue to acquire more to keep their economy wealthy and stable. The size of your investment does not matter, as long as it forms a small percentage of your portfolio.

6 options of bullion gold for sale 

There are many ways in which gold can be purchased, but you will get the best value for your investment only with gold bars and gold coins. You will find many dealers offering “gold for sale near me”, however only specialists in bullion will have gold bullion from internationally recognized mints. Here is a choice of 6 gold bullion you can invest in.

  1. American Gold Eagle – the Gold eagle will continue to hold American loyalty towards it and be the first choice among investors. Manufactured by the US Mint, but sold through the Mint’s approved distributors, you can buy the American Gold Eagle coins and bars from authorized “bullion dealers near me”. You can check the registry of authorized dealers on Mint’s website.
  2. Canadian Maple Leaf – another well-recognized design, the Royal Bank of Canada issues these gold coins and bars that carry the national symbol of Canada on their face. You can purchase these in various sizes and years of mint from reputed gold dealers.
  3. Gold Britannia – Issued by The Royal Mint, UK, these coins carry the image of Lady Britannia and have great weightage and recognition internationally. These coins command a higher premium rate at the time of sale.
  4. . The coin is named after South Africa’s first president Paul Kruger and the currency of the country Rand. It has a beautiful design and is among the oldest traded coins in modern history.
  5. It is one of Switzerland’s oldest and most reputed precious metal mints. The design is easily recognizable and is the epitome of beauty and grace in an investment-grade bar or coin.
  6.  Collectors and investors equally take pleasure in owning these beautiful pieces.

Choosing the right size

All the coins and bars from these popular mints and these popular designs come in sizes ranging from 10 oz to 1 kg and above. You can choose a bar or a coin depending on the amount you wish to invest. When you go for a smaller-sized investment, then coins are preferred because they are easier to conceal. However, with larger sizes of 500gm or above, it is advisable to buy a gold brick as it has a lower premium, offers more purity of gold, and is easier to store.

Owning physical gold is a magical experience as you can feel the weal


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