5 Top SEO Ideas for Your Photo Website


Being found in search engines is essential to achieving your objectives, whether you are just beginning your photographic business or have years of expertise. We’ll be giving 5 beneficial SEO ideas in this post that will improve your photography website’s search engine ranking.

Due to the increased emphasis on image optimization that is required for photographers, which has its own set of best practices, Wedding photographers SEO differs from SEO for other professions. Later, we will go into specific image optimization strategies, but for now, let’s examine the overall situation.

5 Pro SEO Ideas for Your Photo Website

Use Relevant Keywords

Consider what search terms your customer would enter in Google to find what you sell. Put yourself in their shoes. The terms people use to find your items will offer you an idea of the keywords you should want to rank well for as SEO is keyword-driven. 

You can determine whether “wedding photographer” receives more searches than “wedding photography” by using Google’s Keyword Planner to estimate search volume. Having this knowledge will help you decide which keywords to concentrate on and use in your article.

As you can see from the sample above, “wedding photography” receives about 5,000 more searches per month than “wedding photographer,” but if you compare the two inquiries’ intentions, it’s probable that some of the “wedding photography” searchers are seeking for other things besides a photographer. It makes more sense to target the keyword “wedding photographer” as 100% of those who search for it are looking for a photographer.

Always target the keyword that is more suggestive of a person looking to be interested in what you’re giving if two keywords have similar traffic. It’s always better to chase intent than volume.

2: Use Content to Answer Questions

Consider the queries your clients may have and develop content that addresses those questions once you have a clear understanding of the keywords to target based on your keyword research.

Since it frequently clearly responds to the query that search engines believe visitors have based on their inquiry, frequently asked question (FAQ) style material typically performs well in search engines.

Answering questions directly frequently helps your site rank because the search engine matches your response with what it thinks the visitor is asking for based on their query. Search engines try to determine your purpose based on the keywords you type.

3. Local SEO

By creating a profile on Google My Business, you can increase the likelihood that you’ll appear towards the top of search results.

You can guarantee your presence in organic search results by getting good evaluations on websites like Yelp and Thumbtack. People are interested in reviews, thus Google gives those websites high rankings. The more good reviews you have from those websites, the higher you will rank on those websites. 

Going where there is always a lot of traffic, such as on Yelp and Thumbtack, is an excellent strategy to obtain business while you’re still working on promoting your site and working your way up the ranks. SEO takes time.

4: Optimizing Individual Images

A photographer’s portfolio will be at the center of their website. Even though many of the tips for improving individual photos that are provided here are technical in nature, a solid content management system (CMS) will make it simple to put them into practice. 

In the event that you’re starting from scratch or looking to migrate from your present CMS, Squarespace includes a powerful set of SEO capabilities. The six elements listed below should be optimized for each image to make sure that it can be found:

  1. Filename.
  2. Image compression.
  3. Alt text.
  4. Facebook Open Graph tags and Twitter Card markup.
  5. Text around images.
  6. Specify a width and a height for all images.

5: Image Sitemaps

An image sitemap can aid Google in comprehending your image material for the overly technical audience. You can either incorporate image data with your existing sitemap or create a new image sitemap. Google offers comprehensive instructions for creating picture sitemaps.


If photographers want to expand their businesses, they should take SEO seriously. Once high ranks have been achieved, the channel can offer considerable new business potential, but it will take time and work. The advice provided in this article is a fantastic place to start.


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