5 Best Green Web Hosting Providers


Did you realise that the internet pollutes nearly as much as the aviation industry?

There are nearly one billion websites, all of which are housed on servers. Servers run on fossil fuels and require a lot of energy.

By selecting a green web hosting business, you can help to solve the problem.

Green web hosting businesses buy renewable energy credits to balance the energy used by your website, allowing it to be carbon neutral or even negative!

You are automatically helping the environment if you utilize a green web hosting company.

That’s why, we have shared the list of Best green web hosting providers that you can use to save energy. 

Best Green Web Hosting Companies 

  1. GreenGeeks Hosting 

GreenGeeks is a web hosting company that strives to be as eco-friendly as possible. They have shared hosting plans for everyone, from beginners to large businesses. Their plans are reasonably priced, and they incorporate a variety of beneficial amenities.

Every data centre is crammed with servers that must be available at all times, kept cool, and secure. It takes a lot of effort to keep them that way!

They’re also certified environmentally friendly. Their efforts have earned them numerous environmental honors, as well as the designation of official Green Power Partner by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. As a result, hosting with them should imply that you are assisting the environment directly.

The icing on the cake! GreenGeeks Coupons can help you save even more money.


  1. InMotion Hosting

A large number of environmentally friendly websites regard the InMotion hosting service to be a green enterprise. This is due to increased efforts by InMotion to lower their carbon footprint not only in their operations but also in their datacenter. 


This began in 2010 when InMotion began decreasing and reusing paper in their offices, resulting in a reduction in paper waste. InMotion also changed the hardware in the datacenter and servers, making them not only faster and more efficient, but also more environmentally friendly. 

As a result, InMotion improved its eco-friendly operations in three areas:

 The offices

  • Data center
  • Servers
  1. Hostpapa

Hostpapa was one of the first web hosting firms to pledge to turning green, according to their website. 

They buy green energy certificates to offset the electricity used by their servers and offices. Green credentials and banners are also available from Hostpapa, which you may display on your site to show that you are committed to turning green.

Hostpapa is ranked fourth because, although being powered by green energy, it is significantly more expensive and offers fewer unlimited features. For example, the $3.95 per month plan only allows for two websites, whereas other providers, such as GreenGeeks, allow for limitless sites. 

Furthermore, their green credentials and banners do not appear to be as polished and professional as GreenGeeks’. 

They provide value and are unique, but they don’t appear to match GreenGeeks’ high level of design and skill.

  1. A2 Hosting 

If you need a lot of different things, A2 Hosting can do them all. When we looked at different types of web hosting, it didn’t come out on top in our research. 

However, it did well across the board and was the provider we found to be the best value for money.

The free domain isn’t there, but you get free site migration and 24/7 customer support when you sign up. 

You can also get a refund at any time. Because A2 Hosting is so sure that you’ll love its products, it will refund your money if there’s something wrong with them at any point in the process. You have to admire a company that has faith!


So, this is the end of our ranking and review of the best green web hosting companies. Green Geeks had to take the top slot because green web hosting is clearly its ‘thing,’ and it has a decent product to match.

Finally, because all providers offer some type of money-back guarantee, your best chance is to give one a try and then switch if you don’t like it.


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