The Best 3 Letter Words For Kindergarten That Are Profitable And Adorable

3 Letter Words For Kindergarten

Finding the right phrases to use might be challenging when you are just starting out in school. Here are some of the most useful and adorable 3 letter words for kindergarten!

Reading is a complex skill that requires students to learn many different aspects during their kindergarten years. To help young readers, you can introduce them to 3 letter words for kids like CVC words and beginning sight words.

Three Letter Words for Kids

Three Letter Words for Kids

CCV (consonant-consonant-vowel) words are also common in kindergarten because they also make sounds that young children can easily make. For example, the word hat is made up of the letters c, ch, and v. The letter v is pronounced like the letter b in bat. So the hat is pronounced haat.

Because they create sounds that young children can readily make, CVC words are frequently seen in kindergarten. 
For instance, the letters c, a, and make up the word cat. 
The letter “t” is pronounced similarly to the word “dad.” 
The cat is therefore pronounced kat.

CVC Words With A

The most common word that early readers are introduced to with the vowel “a” is the word “cat.” Other words that have the vowel “a” include:

  • mat
  • rat
  • can
  • tan
  • bag
  • fan
  • man
  • gas
  • mad
  • bad
  • bat
  • tag
  • ram
  • yam
  • sad

Have your pupils look for the rhyming words in groups using the mobile app for kids learning to help them practice reading words with the short “a” sound. They will practice reading words like “angry” and “bad,” and they will also begin to recognize rhyme schemes. Can they tell which word in this group sounds different and which two words rhyme?

CVC Words With E

The 3 letter word list for kindergarten includes a variety of words that make that nice short vowel sound of “en” like in “pen” or “men.” Some other 3 letter words with the vowel “e” like bed, bee, and key. These are all great early reading words for kids because they help them learn to make that nice sound of the vowel “e.” include:

  • bed
  • yes
  • get
  • let
  • net
  • beg
  • hem
  • web
  • pet
  • keg
  • ten
  • den
  • wed
  • peg
  • leg

CVC Words With I

There are so many 3 letter words for kindergarteners to explore. When you use these words in context, you can have some fun teaching your students about the sounds made by these letters. For example, in English, the letter “i” is pronounced like the “ee” in “pin.” So when you say “sine” (sin), your students will know that this word is made up of two syllables and that it sounds like “s-i-n-e.”

Similarly, when you say “bin,” your students will know that this word is made up of two syllables and that it sounds like “b-i-n.”

  • pin
  • tin
  • rid
  • wig
  • fin
  • kid
  • rip
  • win
  • him
  • pig
  • did
  • zip
  • rim
  • big
  • dig

CVC Words With O

The vowel “o” is a fun one. There are a lot of different CVC words that early readers might come across in beginner books. Explore a few three-letter words with “o” for kindergarteners to practice. Here are a few examples: boat, toy, cool. These three-letter words can be used to help students learn how to make the vowel sound and practice their reading skills.

  • top
  • mop
  • cot
  • dot
  • fox
  • box
  • lot
  • hog
  • got
  • not
  • log
  • dog
  • hot
  • you
  • sob

CVC Words With U

Knowing words with the vowel “u” are great if you happen to “cut” your finger or if you are planning to go for a “run.” Here are a few other fun CVC words with the short “u” vowel sound like run, cut, put, cup, and nut. These words can help you communicate in different situations and can also be fun to say!

  • sun
  • fun
  • tub
  • pup
  • cup
  • bun
  • mug
  • rub
  • rug
  • bug
  • tug
  • hug
  • bus
  • gum
  • pun

Three Letter Sight Words for Kindergarteners

The CVC words are crucial to understanding when it comes to early reading. Your youngster should also be exposed to other crucial terms, though. One of them may be the sight word “dog,” which most kids can see and say by the time they are in kindergarten. Your child will develop a solid reading foundation if you introduce these crucial terms to them at a young age.

  • all
  • and
  • any
  • are
  • how
  • its
  • let
  • now
  • say
  • she
  • the
  • too
  • use
  • was
  • way
  • but
  • day
  • for
  • had
  • has
  • her
  • his
  • who

We are aware that a strong foundation is essential for success when it comes to reading. We’re eager to see how well your early readers have learned the three-letter words because of this. Learning these key terms in kindergarten aids kids in developing reading abilities later on.

Having a solid foundation in decoding and comprehension will aid students as they advance through the grades by enabling them to read more fluently and comprehend what they’re reading. Your child will be well on their way to being a proficient reader if you start working on these abilities at a young age.


These are a few of the most well-liked and lucrative three-letter kindergarten words. Using the 3 letter words CVC (Mobile App) to teach your children spelling has a lot of advantages.

  • First, it is an engaging way to help them learn the letters and their sounds.
  • Second, it is a great tool for reinforcing what they have learned in school.
  • Third, it can be used as a review tool when they are coming back to school after the summer break.
  • Fourth, it can be used as a way to introduce new words and concepts.
  • Finally, it can be fun!




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