10 Amazing Chinese Food Delivery Near Me; Ottawa Guide 

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10 Amazing Chinese Food Delivery Near Me; Ottawa Guide 

Read this guide to find out which restaurants in Ottawa provide Chinese food delivery near you. Your choice of restaurant depends on your preferences if you are seeking the greatest Chinese food delivery near me in Ottawa.

You can locate the majority of these choices online, and you can use customer reviews to help you make your choice and ensure that you are getting the best Chinese food around by considering ordering from Chinese food delivery near me in Ottawa with good user ratings. Let’s have a look at some restaurants with Chinese food delivery in Ottawa near me.

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Yang Sheng

You are in luck if you yearn for delicious cuisine but do not really like getting up from your couch. For Chinese takeout and delivery, Yang Sheng is a staple in Ottawa. Of course, you can also eat indoors if you choose. They serve traditional Chinese and Asian dishes like dim sum, chicken balls, ribs, and a wide range of delectable combinations in their restaurant.

Yang Sheng will have something for you, regardless of your preferred cuisine. Although there are some rough spots in the restaurant, many customers find them to be part of its appeal. It has a loyal following of patrons who have been dining there for years and has the feel of an old-fashioned Chinese restaurant.

Winner House Chinese Food

The chefs of Winner House Chinese Food are aware that using fresh veggies, animal parts, and rice products properly will produce dishes with equally disparate flavors. Traditionally, Chinese food is soft or cut into small pieces to be eaten with chopsticks (soups are an exception, of course!). If you are accustomed to using them, be sure to request them.

Additionally, vegetarian and Thai meals are available here. Many restaurants offer extra services for the convenience of their patrons. One service provided by Winner House Chinese Food is food delivery.

Yangtze Restaurant

A quality selection of meals with pan Asian influences can be found at the Yangtze, a combination of western manners and eastern cuisine. It is probably one of the few real Cantonese restaurants in Ottawa, and the food is quite authentic. This eatery has Chinese food on its menu. Yangtze Chinese Restaurant serves tasty Mongolian beef, chicken satay, and fried chicken.

Good wine is well known in this area. You can order food to go from this restaurant. View Yangtze’s whole menu and place your online order for food delivery.

Jadeland Restaurant

One of Chinatown’s best Chinese food near me, Jadeland Restaurant has earned a reputation for excellence. They have made a commitment to offering the greatest and most distinctive blend of top-notch food, warm service, and affordable rates to the Ottawa Valley.  Szechuan and Cantonese cuisine is served only at this restaurant.

Despite being milder, Cantonese cuisine has a wider diversity. A region of China blessed with naturally occurring chili pepper growth is where the traditional Szechuan cuisine originated. As a result, the food is hotter and more savory for individuals with more sophisticated tastes. They provide delivery services after 6 PM, but your order must be above $25.00.

Mandarin Ogilvie

Great Chinese food is offered throughout the city at Mandarin Ogilvie Restaurant for extremely reasonable costs. Dim sums come in a variety. Chili sauces are provided as a side dish with these dumplings.

You will be completely amazed by the dim sums’ variety and quality. If you are still hungry, eat their delectable yang chow, which comes with a sautéed shrimp dish. Order gui-lan or the green bean dish if you want to try something vegetarian. If you want to make one of these dishes non-vegetarian, it also comes with minced pork. Order their extensive Mandarin buffet if you want to save money.

Café Orient

Southern Chinese cuisine, including congee, dim sum, rice dishes, noodle meals, and more, is Café Orient’s specialty. In addition to Southern Chinese food, this restaurant offers a wide selection of foods from various diverse regions of China and Asia. For delivery, dine-in, or takeout, see the menu for Café Orient Hong Kong Restaurant in Centretown West.

Sea King Seafood Restaurant

Offering genuine dim sum in the Hong Kong style sets Sea King Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant apart from other Chinese eateries. Among a wide variety of cuisine choices, Sea King’s specialty is dim sum, which is Cantonese for “touch the heart.”

The Hong Kong local chef oversees the fresh preparation of each delectable item, which is then delivered via traditional dim sum carts. The Siu Mai, Fung Zao, and Har Gau (steamed shrimp dumplings) are some of their best-selling dishes.

Mekong Restaurant

The best Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Szechuan cuisine is available at The Mekong Restaurant in Ottawa’s Chinatown. For more than 25 years, Mekong Restaurant has provided Asian cuisine to residents of Ottawa.  Rice Paper Shrimp Rolls from Mekong Restaurant are well-known, and so are one of the restaurant’s signature dishes, like lobster and shrimp with ginger and green onion.

Shanghai Wonton Noodle Restaurant

You will savor perfectly prepared Chinese wonton soup, broth, and noodles at Shanghai Wonton Noodle Restaurant. View the most recent, accurate, and current Shanghai Wonton Noodle Restaurant menu prices, including those for the most popular menu items. Use your Uber account to place a delivery order from Ottawa’s Shanghai Wonton Noodle Restaurant.

Ben Ben Restaurant

Ben Ben Restaurant offers mouthwatering Szechuan and vibrant Cantonese cuisine. For more than 20 years, Ben Ben Restaurant, which is located in the heart of Ottawa’s Asian neighborhood, has been providing flavorful fare. Try regional specialities like Singapore Fried Noodles and Hot and Sour Soup to get a taste of the region’s cuisine and depart satisfied.


Our guide will help you if you are looking for tasty Chinese food delivery near me in Ottawa. The restaurants mentioned above serve some of the greatest Chinese cuisines in your area, including dumplings, dim sum, noodles, and rice dishes with a hint of Asian fusion. Order your best Chinese food from any restaurant and get it delivered to your home.


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